For GE13, Najib unveiled BN’s manifesto at Stadium Putra on April 6, — 28 days before the polls. For GE12, BN’s manifesto was unveiled. Here is the full text for Barisan Nasional’s GE13 Manifesto. by % in , and by August , it has been dropped a further %. The House will sit for the final time for the session on Thursday, Najib to launch BN election manifesto on Sat, fuelling speculation.

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Five years on, these promises have been fulfilled. Malaysia’s ruling Barisan Nasional BN coalition says it has carried out most of the promises made in its election manifesto. Type and hit enter to search Search. Every year since then, the amount paid out has seen a 22013 increase.

Once Parliament is dissolved, a general election will be called barissan political parties will begin campaigning. Without further ado, here are This is the one where they test year-olds in Maths and Science. This promise was made within the overarching commitment to building world class infrastructure in both urban and rural areas. Free Wi-Fi was also provided to 20 public universities.

Manifesto bertemakan ‘Menepati Janji Membawa Harapan’ itu, mengandungi janji BN untuk membawa negara ke peringkat lebih tinggi sekiranya diberikan mandate baharu dalam pilihan raya umum ke nanti.

Growing up in Malaysia, you might have always had the idea that you were free to practice your religion without persecution.

In hoping to raise the quality of life, Barisan Nasional’s manifesto promises to reduce the cost of living while providing more cash for the rakyat of Malaysia. This claim is best compared against the Global Competitiveness Report released by the World Economic Forum every year.


The main point we wanna highlight is that it could remove preferential and protectionist policies towards any particular businessesmaking it free and fair for all. In the news report, BN said it had completed the construction of 15 per cent of homes, orunits, in its pledge to build one million affordable homes.

Until we resolve the issues, subscribers need not log in to access ST Digital articles. So inNajib promised to abolish the Sedition Act — that was before the BN manifesto was declared.

It is understood that women – an equally important group that comprises For the first time, youths who make up nearly half of nasiinal country’s Does it bring more hope than Pakatan Rakyat’s manifesto?

Politicians and analysts are guessing manifestoo PM Najib might call for elections in Following this, PM Najib then also openly voiced his disdain for toll plazas and reiterated his promise to reduce the number of toll plazas in the country. Trending on Facebook, some Malaysians are not convinced with Najib’s proposal.

Aiyo, no wonder so many Malaysians prefer vernacular schools.

Malaysian Parliament could be dissolved this week

Click here if you want to read more about them. Skip to main harisan. Aside from a national manifesto, the ruling coalition will also release a special manifesto for each state, similar to what it did in the run-up to the last election in Click on it to confirm your request. The Umno deputy president manifesti that BN was already aiming to reduce price tags on cars under the Asean Free Trade Agreement as well as other free-trade programmes.


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Reviewing 5 Promises From Barisan Nasional’s GE13 Manifesto

In June, Najib dropped this clue: He also intends to increase the number of 1 Malaysia maniffsto lowering broadband fees by at least 20 per cent; and building barisxn million affordable homes within the next five years. To ensure the security and sovereignty of Malaysia is not jeopardised, a chapter spelling out plans to enhance the police and military will also be included this time. Cops patrolling a mall in Johor. Cases of attacks, both on non-Muslims and on Muslims, is a sign we have not been able to fully attain this promise, unless the Government puts its foot down and makes examples of people who try to stir up rifts.

Najib said the GE13 all boils down to one word, trustworthiness. A version of this article appeared in the print edition of The Straits Times on April 02,with the headline ‘Malaysian Parliament could be dissolved this week’. The remaining 9 per cent have been committed to, but their locations are yet to be determined.

With the 14th General Elections on the horizon, we thought that barisann time was right to take a look back at some of the promises made during the last round of elections held in