Teaching, a certain sage, Gaudapada by name, has written a poem. This poem is now translated, prefaced by the Mandukya Upanishad itself. Gaudapada. Gaudapada, grand Guru of Shankara, is the author of Mandukya Karika, a commentary on Mandukya Upanishad. It was written in 8th century, and is the earliest. : Mandukya Upanishad with Gaudapada’s Karika eBook: Gaudapada, Charles Johnston: Kindle Store.

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Such being the case, this is the highest Truth kari,a nothing is born whatsoever. Though forms, functions and names differ here and there [in respect of the ether contained by jars etc.

Gaudapada – Wikipedia

Your inability to reply tantamounts to ignorance, or there will be a difference gaudapad the order of succession [postulated by you]. That the Supreme Self is like akasa has already been stated.

All action has to be initiated, energy has to be deployed and utilised. Mxndukya fact this vision of the great Seers of the scriptures can also be understood empirically through kari,a very laws of thermodynamics.

We do not quarrel with them. Thus have the wise for ever declared knowledge, object, and the knowable. It is seven-limbed and nineteen-mouthed. Meditation, contemplation, mantra and prayer finally converge into a unified force directed towards the final stage, piercing the pearl of wisdom called bindu, leading to the Absolute.


But such duality does not exist. Prajna is possessed of sleep of the nature of cause, whereas that sleep does not exist in Turiya. The state devoid of object and devoid of perception is regarded as extraordinary.

Where words fail to describe, no entity can be spoken of in a discriminative manner.

The knowers of the heart ascribe Reality to it, whereas it is attributed to virtue and vice by those who know them. When Consciousness is non—active, as in deep sleep, the appearances do not leave the non—active Consciousness and go elsewhere, nor do they merge in it.

Relying on our senses our world is a material world. The intellect that perceives the non-dual reality of the Absolute cannot be misled and transcends all fear. But these two [viz. This notion is for the purpose of instruction. Those that are familiar with the Personal Deity call It the Personal Deity and those that are familiar with the void, the void.

Gaudapada’s Karika on the Mandukya Upanishad

But from the standpoint of the true nature of things we assert that the so—called cause is, after all, no cause. He who has realized Brahman attains peace. No rational argument can be given to establish their reality, whether they are of equal status or whether some are superior to others. The non-existence of the chariot etc. Through a refined ability to discriminate it knows Truth and is closest to the Absolute.


Karl Potter [22] [28]. The wise say that the states of waking and dream are the same, in view of the similarity of the objects [seen in both the states] and in view agudapada the well-known ground of inference. They follow the path of difference, and speak of diversity and are, therefore, considered to be mean.

Moksha Anubhava Turiya Sahaja. Since the sruti says, “There is no multiplicity here”, “the Lord, owing to maya, is seen diversely”, and “The Self, though Unborn, appears to be born in many ways”, it becomes obvious that He is born through maya. One and the same All-pervading is traditionally known lit. How can the unreal be the product of the Real? All things are as empty as a sandcastle on the beach.

The unborn Atman is always established in sameness and purity. Rigveda Yajurveda Samaveda Atharvaveda. One should know OM to be the Lord dwelling in the hearts of all.

AUM is beginningless and unique.