A novel of searing intelligence and startling originality, Lost in Translation heralds the debut of a unique new voice on the literary landscape. Nicole. Lost in Translation. Nicole Mones, Author Delacorte Press $ (p) ISBN But Alice’s sensuality is just one factor in Mones’s complex portrait of a woman. Lost in Translation Expatriate translator Alice Mannegan spends her nights in Beijing’s smoky bars, seeking fleeting encounters with Chinese men to blot out the.

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I was able to tackle the novel with no preconceived notions of the delicacy required to preserve the cultural bridge between westerners and Chinese, and indeed between Chinese people themselves in their daily dealings with each other. Please help improve it or discuss these issues on the talk page. See all 83 reviews. Emotionally charged and erotic, this widely translated bestseller has been universally praised for its authoritative portrayal of a China rarely captured in transpation fiction.

When she was a small child, he gave a pro-segregation speech that incited a race riot. Overall great debut novel!


A Cup trajslation Light: Loet saved it from being a complete failure was Alice’s well-meaning attempts to follow Chinese etiquette and cultural norms, and not realizing that no matter how hard she tries, she’ll never be accepted as one of them.

The key to the novel’s success is Mones’s in-depth knowledge of China’s culture, history, and politics. Her 4th book not listed here is about an American black jazz musician who winds up in Shanghai in the 30’s when Communists take over, yet manages to keep working, living on a grand scale compared to the USA and finds love.

Refresh and try again. The book could have been condensed somewhat perhaps by pages easily, without losing narrative flow. Thank you for your feedback. Nice read and illustrations. Nicole Mones may very well be due a piece of an Oscar in a IP settlement. The bones of Peking Man were found in the early and loss during the war.


As they draw closer to unearthing the secret of Peking Man, as the group’s every move is followed, their every whisper recorded, Alice and Lin find shelter in each other, slowly putting to rest the ghosts of their pasts. Nov 29, Lucy rated it really liked it. For Alice, it began with a phone call from niccole American archaeologist seeking a translator. Its powerful impact confirms the extraordinary gifts of a master storyteller, Nicole Mones. February Learn how and when to remove this template message.

Account Options Sign in. She finally realizes what she’s doing.

LOST IN TRANSLATION by Nicole Mones | Kirkus Reviews

May 11, Pages. There were many pages, too many, to get to know the characters, but we never did. Explore the Home Gift Guide. Lost in Translation is a losf about love–between a nation and its past, between a man and a memory, between a father and a daughter.

This intriguing novel centers on an American woman who works as a Chinese translator, and the people she is thrown together with on an archeological project in a remote area of Northwest China. Mar 05, Saki Palme rated it liked it.

The desperation and sadness of Dr. Newcomer Mones asks that nuances and complexities of character carry the narrative, rather than a sequence of sensational acts. If youve seen the movie that was loosely based on this book or at least has the same titleknow that this has a much better storyline. Whatever review youre going to read is probably going to be truthful in every aspect, so if it caught your attention read it, but remember books like this are meant for p I was looking for this book for years.

Whatever, I’m glad I did pick it up even though it has nothing to do with the movie at allbecause I thoroughly enjoyed it. Then, he was killed in an accident. A most inspiring piece of literature.

Mones’ writing – I could literally feel the sexual tension between Lin and Alice, the yearning of Alice to be part of something. Learn more about Monez Prime. A remarkable first novel. It is a moody love story of a woman’s personal and emotional journey in a dry desert land of sun and sand, but one set against the backdrop of historical facts in an archaeological site search for the Peking Man, rumored to have been forever lost somewhere around the Shuidongguo Ij site, during the Japanese invasion.


I liked the heroine, I liked the insight into the Chinese people, language and country, and I enjoyed the plot. May 30, Njcole rated it liked it. A Gentleman in Moscow: We are experiencing technical difficulties. Alice, the main character, is so intelligent, erotic, and likable that I didn’t want her story to end.

Something doesn’t look right!

This story is based on one of the most intriguing mysteries of modern rranslation, the disappearance of Peking Man. What happens between them becomes one of the most breathtakingly erotic love stories in recent nicol. The burden of second-hand guilt lay heavy on my friend, and he moved to Hong Kong and refused to return to America. In the end, no one can live like that, with that illusion.

I was a little bit disappointed.

Its powerful impact confirms the extraordinary gifts of a master storyteller, Nicolle Mones. As a translator and sometimes interpreter, I found it hard at first to forgive the incorrect, blurred use of concepts of translator and interpreter, as well as unprofessional representations of interpretation practice, however the deep work done in terms of both character and plot development made even these errors moens.

Ships from and sold by Amazon. All around her rushes the air of China, the scent of history and change, of a world where she has come to escape her father’s love and her own pain.

I would really love the chance to travel to China.