Los Tambores del Candombe (Coleccion Peces) (Spanish Edition) [Luis Ferreira] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Candombe is an African derived rhythm that has been an important part of in the introduction to the book “Los Tambores del Candombe” by Luis Ferreira. knowledge of the tambores and candombe is a constant inspiration. candombe , the tambores, and their rhythms generally served as a means of inserting.

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Candombe drums

Today this contribution is quite apparent in all events linked to music. The drums talk, hold dialogues, call each other, in order to raise the tempo or intensity. czndombe

The chico, the high-pitched drum, plays a sustained rhythm throughout the llamada. The music of these drums is fundamentally collective.

Candombe drums – Wikipedia

The drums candombr made of wood and have a curved barrel shape with its base very narrow. Every year, on January loos, these African nations celebrated Dia de Reyes as a tribute to the black king of the three wise men who they supposed was Balthazar San Baltasar. This implies a bleeding of sixty million souls, if we consider that only one of every six victims of this human traffic ever made it alive to the harbors where they were to be auctioned.

Some of highlights are: Archived from the original loss The text that follows are excerpts from books and articles written about candombe, as well as the viewpoint of individuals who have been close to this scene.


In the seventies and eighties, the demolition of these centres of black people scattered them throughout other districts of the city, thus accelerating the process of integration of the candombe in other areas.

Ne-ia ne-ia cumaia-nagata Ne-ia ne-ia cumaia-nagata. Membranophones Uruguayan musical instruments. Women have also started playing candombe drums and even directing cuerdas in San Jose and Canelones.

This “conversation” requires a given order, since the drums cannot “call” all at the same time; one repique must call, then another one answers, one piano calls another one, a repique calls to go faster and raise the intensity, then all the drums answer and so on.

In older days, the tamboriles were built with duelasthe wood slats used for the barrels of yerbamate a kind of herb tea.

These dialogues are what is called llamada de tambores. Gustavo Goldman, Uruguayan musicologist.

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They have always deserved suspicion and they have often been guilty. Uruguay, with a population of approximately 3.

Drums, like tales or dreams, resound throughout the night. The practice of such celebrations as that of the Three Magi has persevered in both the Comparsas Lubolas Black societies of Montevideo’s Carnival and the Llamadas de Tamboriles. Grouped together in various numbers and proportions, they form a cuerda de tambores.

What is Candombe?

Madera “wood” refers to a phrase which comes about when the stick hits the tamboril’s barrel-shaped sound-box. In Montevideo, the capital of Uruguay, they “go out” in street ceremonies on all public holidays throughout the year, loz a grand finale at Carnival, in the parades of the Sociedades de Negros y Lubolos.

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In the interior part of the country, the existence of llamadas de tambores and comparsas is a recent phenomenom. The African poet Amos Totuola writes: Some of these have even performed in Montevideo, for the Desfile Oficial de Llamadas, among them the comparsas from the towns of Melo, Durazno or Colonia. Ddl are single skin headed and there are three sizes: Tamboriles are fel of wood with animal skins that are rope-tuned or fire-tuned minutes before the performance.

The Bantu candombee is an enormous cultural region of Africa with an extremely complex mosaic of ethnicities, consisting of over groups with a linguistic heritage that overwhelms man’s migratory limits: The roots of this population were not homogeneous, but rather a multi-ethnic swath of Africa that was culturally quite varied. Candombe is performed by a group of drummers called a cuerda. Candombe can-dome-bey is an African derived rhythm that has been an important part of Uruguayan culture for over two hundred years.

Its musical spirit sums up the sorrows of the unfortunate slaves, cndombe were hastily transplanted to South America to be sold and subjected to brutal work.

The drums are generally played while walking, beaten with the left hand and a stick held in the right hand. Sundays and some rare holidays.