Creating a new survey. Presentation and Navigation Tab. Format: A drop down box that allows you to choose either: Question by Question: Survey will display. May 4, Part of this tutorial was adapted from a tutorial by LimeSurvey. See its complete version at: ?page. LimeSurvey (formerly PHPSurveyor) is a free and open source on-line survey application written in PHP based on a MySQL, PostgreSQL or MSSQL database, .

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Use lumesurvey advanced settings at the bottom of the page to limit the possible answers. If you set it to Nousers will not have the option of moving to a previous page and changing their tuotrial while completing the survey. This attribute takes the Code of an answer in a Multiple option question so that when clicked this checkbox will uncheck all others and make them read-only disabled.

List Flexible Labels Radio Multiple options.

You can set a special question attribute to use this question type with dropdown boxes. The A dd a new question page will open. Array flexible Labels Dual Scale. You can create such a file using MS Excel.

What would have happened if the first and last question both had the randomization group fixed?

Surveys – introduction – LimeSurvey Manual

Instead of routing remember, routing is bad, complicated and error prone Limesurvey uses the tutodial of Relevance. You can click on the Preview limesruvey icon in the survey menu bar. Select how the date should be displayed in the survey and the survey results. The remaining width will be equally divided to the answer options.


The second one is to click on the Surveys button located on the main toolbar of your LimeSurvey installation home page:.

LimeSurvey currently supports the following built-in “S” attributes: Additional optional settings for the question. A list of special logins is made and invitations are send. This question attribute can be used to set the maximum year value for the calendar question.

Below, you will see that you can choose a bootswatch theme for your survey group. U – Huge free text. This will export all the groups, questions, answers and conditions of your survey into a standard CSV file. Custom labels sets can be created for specific uses, such subjective data types eg.

It was created specifically to ensure data integrity when one of the multiple options in a multiple option question implies no other choices apply i. Q – Multiple short text. Chosing the “Default” language will present you with an interface in your own language.

Limesurvey Tutorial

The CSV file should contain the following fields: This is the email address of the administrator as above and is used as the ‘reply to: A bounce email is an electronic email which is returned to the sender from various reasons e. Sets the sum total of all predefined answers that will be accepted. If you choose No for anonymous, you must also have a token table for your survey when you activate it. Make sure that your name center and university number top left are correct. Creating a new survey General Tab.

To see which survey-editing functionalities are available, check the list surveys section.

Type for instance name. See its complete version at: To set a dropdown box starting at the number 1, and going to 10; set this attribute to 1. If you wish to use another method, read our wiki on import alternatives for more information. The rich text editor below it allows you to type a question. The following columns have to be filled in:.


No existing survey is going to be overwritten during the import process. This attribute sets the width of the html text box, but does not limit the number of characters that can be entered. There are different ways for entering an address: The default is Yes.

The participant will be required to identify a slightly scrambled text.

Each attribute can have a “value” attached to it. O – List with Comment. In TIMEthe time limit to answer question will expire. Creating graphs for huge surveys takes some time and server resources so it is recommended to keep it as No. In dual scale questions, if this attribute is set, the layout will use the provided text as a separator after answer text and between dropdown boxes. For instance if you set this to the char “: Array flexible Labels by Column Same as above, only here the limesurve is different.

Surveys – introduction

If you set this option to Yesusers can save un-submitted surveys and return to them later. I – Language switch. Click the pencil icon in the question toolbar the bottom toolbar. Same as above, only with 10 instead of 5.