WaveSurfer 24Xs – LeCroy WaveSurfer 24Xs Quotes on New, Reconditioned and Refurbished LeCroy Digital Oscilloscopes to buy sell lease and trade. LeCroy Corporation () has released the WaveSurfer 24Xs-A, which offers ultimate ease-of-use with its touch screen interface. TELEDYNE LECROY WAVESURFER 24XS-A | Oscilloscope: digital; Band: ≤ MHz; Channels:4; 5Mpts/ch – This product is available in Transfer Multisort.

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Teledyne LeCroy

WaveSurfer long memory is also thoughtfully designed to respond quickly, even when measurements, math, or serial decoders are being used. Test Equipment Connection Corp.

Use this form to quickly and easily send an email to a dealer. Fast and intuitive protocol decode information can be overlayed on the DATA waveform and search and zoom capability with tabular display of protocol data that can be easily exported to Excel.

With features like WaveStream fast viewing mode and WaveScan Search and Find, you can be confident that every problem can quickly be detected and analyzed. Use more than 20 modes to capture and search, or scan for anomalous events over thousands or millions of acquisitions. You can send up to 10 dealer savesurfer at a time, and up to 30 per day.

A multitude of powerful and flexible triggers are provided to meet any need. Save time when working with embedded controllers by adding high-performance mixed signal capability to the WaveSurfer. Keep your testing efficient with a thoughtfully designed user interface that provides the busy engineer with a GUI that is smooth, transparent, and easy to use.


A variety of standard and available probe tip and grounding accessories are offered to meet any requirement.

Teledyne LeCroy WaveSurfer 24Xs-A Digital Oscilloscopes

The ZS Series of high impedance active probes provide full bandwidth at the probe tip, and the high impedance 1 MO 0. The hardware allows for fast processing of long memory wavesurefr when using math and measurement functions. Would you like to send a Request to the Sellers before you leave? WaveScan in WaveRunner Xi allows to overlay in a ScanOverlay view to provide a quick wavesuurfer simple comparison to one another.

WaveScan goes beyond hardware triggering and therefore offers a much higher capability.

Its capabilities meet your needs for capturing, viewing, and measuring waveforms, and also provide unexpected capabilities for faster debug. Spanish Log In Select from nearly 20 search modes, apply a search condition, and begin scanning.

Would you like to receive announcements about auctions and special sales? Thus, hundreds or thousands of measurements in a single acquisition can be acquired, and results returned, in the same amount of time that other oscilloscopes require to return a single measurement value. Your password must be at least 8 characters long and contain at least one uppercase letter.

Waverunner and wavesurfer oscilloscope 01 January This complete portfolio of new models, features, options, and accessories for WaveRunner Xi and WaveSurfer Xs greatly adds to the advanced problem-solving abilities of the WaveRunner Xi oscilloscopes, and ensures that tasks ranging from everyday needs to advanced debug are simple to perform with a WaveRunner Xi or WaveSurfer Xs oscilloscope.


In addition, for scanning modes that are measurement-based, a ScanHistogram can be created to show the statistical distribution of the found events.

LeCroy WaveSurfer 24Xs Oscilloscope – Instrument Driver – National Instruments

Never before has so much performance and capability been provided in an oscilloscope wavesurver a small six inch deep footprint. If longer memory is desired, the WaveRunner is available with Add high-performance mixed signal capability to 24xa WaveSurfer Xs.

Then, adjust zoom position and ratio from the front panel or the graphical touch screen UI. WaveStream provides a vibrant, intensity graded levels display with a fast update to closely simulate the look and feel of an analog oscilloscope. The Dealer Directory is intended for visitors to make specific business inquiries and should not be used to send bulk emails.

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LeCroy WaveSurfer 24Xs-A 200MHz 4 Channel Oscilloscope

Adjust trace intensity with the front panel control, or toggle between LeCroy WaveStream and real-time modes. Some advanced triggering capability is optional.

24x by Zen Cart.