More recently, Laslett et al assessed the diagnostic utility of the McKenzie evaluation combined with the following SIJ tests: distraction, thigh thrust, Gaenslen. The SIJ (Sacroiliac joint) Distraction (Colloquially know as Gapping) test is used to of an SIJ sprain or dysfunction when used in the Laslett SIJ Cluster testing. (Laslett et al., ). Conceptually, it seems reasonable to propose that stress testing of the SIJ should provoke pain of SIJ origin. However, clinical stress tests .

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J Orthop Sports Phys Ther. Discussion This paper is a narrative review of the available literature that attempts to synthesize from a large literature base. Great information as always!

Sacroiliac Distraction Test – Physiopedia

Find articles by Mark Laslett. Prolotherapy has been recommended by some reports, but the quality of evidence is poor, and methods and subjects are heterogeneous But I have a long sighted view of this issue. Validity of individual provocation tests and composites of tests. Laslwtt test stresses the anterior sacroiliac ligaments.

Sacroiliac Distraction Test

Authors found that the cluster of SIJ tests used within the context of a specific clinical reasoning process can facilitate identifying the involvement of SIJ dysfunction. Anatomy, physiology and clinical significance. The centralization phenomenon and fear-avoidance beliefs as prognostic factors for acute low back pain. This finding reinforces the idea that the manipulation technique is not specific to the SI region but impacts the lumbar spine as well As a former ICU R.

Thanks for the post and starting the discussion. Kris, Thank you for your thoughtful reply. Ideally, such a study would require such a cohort whose SIJ pain has been confirmed by comparative or placebo-controlled SIJ blocks under fluoroscopic guidance.


A recent study prospectively attempted to find a clinical prediction rule for a positive outcome following application of a widely used SIJ manipulation 89 Patients satisfying these criteria have a high probability that SIJ pain will be confirmed by diagnostic injection of local anesthetic.

I tend to utilize the tests described by Laslett, as opposed to testing for positional fault, asymmetry, etc… Have you seen this study by Tulberg? Burnham RS, Yasui Y. This study was completed in but publication of results was delayed until In most cases Physiopedia articles are a secondary source and so should not be used as references. Thanks again, Mike Reply. Contents Editors Categories Share Cite. The greatest area under the curve for any two of the best four tests was 0.

Such a study would not address the question of pain arising from SIJ ligaments external to the Zij cavity and inaccessible to injected local anesthetic, but it would be a start towards identifying treatments useful for intra-articular SIJ pain.

In my experience, you lqslett to use a decent amount of force during the thigh thrust technique to avoid missing a positive provactive sign. A pilot study of the effect on pain, function, and satisfaction. Merskey H, Bogduk N. We are doing the best we can.

I suggest that we take a pragmatic and holistic view of managing patients with Pelvic Girdle pain.

A radiostereometric analysis of movements of the sacroiliac joints during the standing hip flexion test. A descriptive study of the centralization phenomenon: The relationship between the sacroiliac joint SIJ and low back pain has been a subject of debate with some researchers regarding SIJ pain as a major contributor to the low back pain problem 1 with others regarding it as unimportant or irrelevant 2.

The tests employed in this study were: Modern Developments in the Principle and Practice of Chiropractic. Stabilization of the sacroiliac joint in vivo: Its usefulness in evaluating and treating referred pain. Diagnostic accuracy is determined by comparing the results of a test with the results of a reference standard deemed to be superior in making the diagnosis.


However, I still feel people should take caution in using that approach — so as not to create a fear of movement and subsequent fear avoidance laslet. I too wish to keep this conversation going and welcome comments and contact.

Appleton Century Crofts; Receiver operator characteristic curves and areas under the curve were constructed for various composites. Specificity is the proportion of patients without the disease in question who have negative tests. In addition, we discuss some of the issues here:. Werneke M, Hart DL.

Examiner places hip in 90 deg flexion and adduction. The diagnostic utility was as follows:.

Evidence-Based Diagnosis and Treatment of the Painful Sacroiliac Joint

Sensitivity is the proportion of patients with the disease in question who have positive tests. How come I ended up with a physical therapist who had zero understanding of chronic pain? In addition, we discuss some of the issues here: Finally, from an antomical perspective, the SIJ is like a finger print — morphologically different between sides and between individuals. Functional and radiographic outcome of sacroiliac arthrodesis for the disorders of the sacroiliac joint.

This study examined the diagnostic power of pain provocation SIJ tests singly and in various combinations, in relation to an accepted criterion standard.