When the ancient evil of the Blackbringer rises to unmake the world, only one determined faerie stands in its way. However, Magpie Author. Laini Taylor. Dreamdark – Blackbringer by Laini Taylor, , available at Book Depository with free delivery worldwide. Magpie Windwitch is not like other faeries, most of whom live in tranquil seclusion . When she learns that escaped devils are creeping back into.

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Faeries of Dreamdark 1. But the Blackbringer may be too powerful even for this determined faerie.

Laini Taylor

The Sleeper and the Spindle. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

Faeries, whimsical crows, impish imps, delightful crows that sing, dance. Skews a bit younger than her Daughter of Smoke and Bone series, but still full of the same gorgeous writing and imagery.

So, it’s a teensy bit hard for me to say she should have avoided that approach. I think I only made it to the second one before but I think now I’ll devour any and all of the rest of the series like the blackbringer ; And oh, what a blackbdinger it is. Gosh, it took my breath away! Half the book consists merely of trying to classify and characterize the Blackbringer, to turn it from a nebulous foe of pure darkness into something that can be fought and hopefully defeated.

Hardcoverpages. They match the playful spirit of Dreamdark, and are perfect for a Middle Grade fantasy.

Blackbringer (Faeries of Dreamdark #1) by Laini Taylor

You wouldn’t want to mess with Magpie and crew if you too were the size of a thumb! Some things that I liked about her faeries: I remember this being a thrill ride of adventure, courage, and strong female characters as well as interesting characters in general. All make for a reading experience that it just that – an experience. This is NOT the same as my book, glory hallelujah; it is a totally different story, though I like to think that Magpie and Knife might be friends if they met though they’d have extremely different opinions about the trustworthiness of crows and humans!


I had a difficult time getting into Blackbringer at first because it’s different from the other Laini Taylor books that I’ve read but after a couple of chapters, I was hooked and enjoyed reading the whole thing until the end.

It was dreams that, like threads, had embroidered the others to this world, while he had roamed and ranged, always restless, bound to nothing. For that reason, I only found out about this book having already read nearly everything Laini Taylor has already published. I was not surprised to learn that Ms.

We don’t yet know what constitutes the “treachery” of the faeries in “Blackbringer”; in Tolkien, Morgoth seduces one house of the Elves.

Maniac doesn’t mean anything to me, so when something awful happens to him I didn’t have the emotional – oh no! Even as a blackness spreads over Dreamdark and threatens the fabric of existence itself, Taylor portrays a world rich with relationships and cultures. Laini Taylor lives with her husband, artist Jim Di Bartolo, and her elderly dog, Leroy, in a bright yellow house filled with lots of books and marionettes and robots.


By using our website you agree to our use of cookies. And, as with all good cosmogonies, this one ends with the gods abandoning their children: I can only hope that her banishment leaves the potential for a return and a revenge plot one day.

When Magpie and her flock of talking crows track down an opened devil’s bottle once sealed by the Djinn King, she knows something is terribly wrong. This is a well written fantasy which is very descriptive and in-depth, Magpie is a strong and independent Fairy, and this book has lovely drawings so you can picture all the different c This and my other reviews can be found at http: When she discovers a loosed devil that seems different than all of the rest, she returns home for the first time in 80 years to get answers.

Dreamdark – Blackbringer : Laini Taylor :

But Taylor has taken all the tired tropes of fairies and tossed them away. That was the moment when I fell in love with Blackbringer. His name is Blackbringer. In Februarythe novel was selected as a Michael L. See all 4 questions about Blackbringer….

I kept re-reading paragraphs over and over again, because my mind would wander I wasn’t expecting a repeat of Daughter of I was so excited to read another Laini Taylor book. She’d always thought of love as. If you like faeries, djinn, and a strong lainii with little internal struggles then you’ll enjoy this one.