Labu Sayong Cafe – Silveritage Medan Gopeng, Ipoh, Perak – Rated based on 31 Reviews “Overall I can say, environment is nice, presentation of. Traditional water pitchers known as labu sayong continue to be loved in this day and age, thanks to constant promotional efforts by the cottage. One of the most famous pitchers is the Labu Sayong, which is black in colour and can be found in Sayong, in the district of Kuala Kangsar, Perak. The mere.

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Be prepared to pay RM38 for a fairly ornate one though jars costing RM are still of acceptable quality. A store selling Handmade traditional craft known as ‘labu sayong’ normally used as gift or souvenir.

Only Editorial Filters by editorial images, which excludes images with model releases. At his shop or factory, you can pick up oil lamps for as cheap as 10 sen as well as expensive cooking pots for as much as RM The pot is removed from the mould and turn upside down to dry.

For RM10, you can have a go at pottery making and get your masterpiece glazed and fired for collection in a week’s time. Labu sayong ialah sejenis bekas tembikar bernama labu berwarna hitam yang merupakan produk perusahaan dari Kampung Kepala Bendang, dalam Mukim Sayonyiaitu sebuah desa yang terletak 1 kilometer dari Kuala KangsarNegeri Llabu.

Clay vase on isolated white background. The factory is located behind the showroom, stocked with a wide range of products priced from 50 sen to RM Perak – Labu Sayong – well known for a local pottery. Step 4 – Turn it upside down and leave it to dry for 24 hours. But forming the clay to make containers sahong not asyong easy as it looks. The original and traditional restaurant offers a wide array of dishes with the unique and authentic flavours of Perak.


Labu sayong stock photos

Newer Post Older Post Home. You can buy labu sayong from the villagers or at a bazaar near Kuala Kangsar’s Laman Budaya rivefine park.

Plus, get free weekly content and more. Saved one filter Removed from saved filters. Step 1 – Rinse the inside with plain water to clean the clay. If you have any feedback or comments, please do not hesitate to let us know. Handmade traditional craft known as ‘labu sayong’ normally used as gift or souvenir found in Perak,Malaysia.

Potter make the traditional water storage containers a. Motif ukirannya banyak menjurus kepada unsur tradisional, sayoong bunga-bungaan seperti bunga tanjungpadisenduduklawangcengkih dan pucuk rebung.

Laman ini diubah buat kali terakhir pada Prices vary according to size and artistic quality. Something went wrong, please try again.

See labu sayong stock video clips. The batter is pour into the mould. For the glossy and varnished look, it is glazed with liquid resin. Traditional Malay water storage container called Labu Sayong. The surface design is usually made up of nature-inspired motifs and harmonious geometric shapes. The price ranges from RM Ramadas in Kuala Selangor.

Colourful display in one section of the Aw Pottery showroom. Generally, this type of vase cost RM 6. Kebanyakkan lokasi perusahaan ini turut menawarkan pakej lawatan sambil belajar kepada pelbagai agensi, sekolah, IPT, dan dokumentari. Ruang nama Rencana Perbincangan. Welcome to Labu Sayong Signature Meru! The bigger pot usually takes one day or so.

Imagine all those opening sayongg, sweats and hard work!!!

Labu sayong

Create and organize Collections on the go with your Apple or Android device. Are you looking for opportunity to build a rewarding career and experience? What are you waiting for? The traditional art of pitcher making has been around for many years, but this industry is still very much alive in selected areas of Peninsula Malaysia. No research has been done on this medical value.


The idea originated from the use of actual matured pumpkins to store water, after the contents had been removed and the inside cleaned. Bekas menyimpan air yang dihasilkan daripada tanah liat ini dibentuk dan diukir dengan teliti.

The making of the Labu Sayong emphasises the elements of nature, from the use of the clay right to the technique of shaping it with the hands. Of course, the price will be more expensive for more intricate design. For the earthen look, it is dipped in the natural wood-colored paint.

Labu sayong – Wikipedia Bahasa Melayu, ensiklopedia bebas

Cat playing near a clay water container also known as xayong sayong in malay. Our traditional restaurant plays host to many special and memorable occasions, including birthdays, weddings, corporate dining, product launching and more. Dari kampung inilah perusahaan ini berasal kerana sumber bahan mentah iaitu tanah liat khas diperoleh dari kampung tersebut.

Artistic clay container carving with the lab in Arabic: Infants Children Teenagers 20s 30s 40s 50s 60s Older. Artistic clay container carving. There are more pictures in our Facebook.