Nel libro, suddiviso nelle due sezioni teoria (I) e tecnica (II), l’Autore descrive le sue ricerche nel campo della fisica dell’atomo, in particolare la scoperta. Libri Ighina| Cambiare se stessi per cambiare il m. PIERLUIGI IGHINA – L’ ATOMO MAGNETICO – Pier Luigi Ighina – La Scoperta Dell’Atomo. Il Libro 1 Dei Ritmici Di Ighina Versione 2 0. Uploaded by. Francesco Pier Luigi Ighina – La Scoperta Dell’Atomo Magnetico (). Uploaded by.

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These coils had the property of creating a magnetic field on the surface of the saucer. The wait is really snervante and the hope is at the height. Since this reaction was dangerous, he developed a particular substance composed by different atoms and was finally able to isolate the magnetic atoms. The atomic explosions cause the magnetic atoms to gather in great amounts.

Intanto cala la sera. After long observations of this phenomenon he could detect a very small atom.

This is the result of a laboratory experiment. La scoperta dell’atomo magnetico avviene casualmente come scrive lo stesso Ighina: Ighinas opinion, the proof that the magnetic field is the cause of all nuclear reactions. As previously said, after experimenting on animals he concluded that the magnetic field protects us and when variation occurs, we become sick. It is already one and a half of the night, is already Wednesday and we came to September One day, while analysing the radioactivity of certain substances with a Muller counter, he noticed that he had a quite strong magnetic radioactive reaction on motorcycles that had run on the Imola racing circuit.

Then [ spenge ] all really definitively. Once, while he was analysing the clouds with his machine, a flying saucer passed between the vibrating canals of atomic magnetic energy.


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L’atomo magnetico – Studi, teorie, progetti e applicazioni di grandi scoperte scientifiche. The work has delayed the continuous arrival of Visitors who are indeed numerous and come from more different Italian magjetico. Ighina and his team are beginning to despair about the success full the experiment and then about the landing of “flying saucer”.

These small atoms he called magnetic atoms and as previously said were responsible for the motion of all the other atoms in nature. He thus had to create an identical field to that of the matter to explore, and then put that matter inside the apparatus.

He argues that the electromagnet is the crux of the existence and sclperta nature. After scoprrta of the magnetic field they went back with no problems. It is said that as a child, thye hid magnets in the house he, through its sensitivity magnetic, found them all. I have noticed that wine when you open the bottle has a very powerful alcohol content,but after some hours the alchool seems to disappear So he tuned his machine into the sane bone vibratory rate and applied it close to the injured area.

Si dice che riuscisse ad individuare i guasti nelle apparecchiature elettriche senza bisogno di alcuna strumentazione.

Pier Luigi Ighina has been a co-operator of Guglielmo Marconi and shared his most secret experiments. The device, the “magnetic stroboscope” has started to work, but needs at least three hours of power to accumulate charges able to create the field optimal energy.

The two ends finish in the near holes, one pointing skyward and another pointing toward the earth. He said he was the cause of that, and after having agreed not to talk to anybody about the meeting for at least 7 years, he had the possibility of entering the saucer and study its propulsion, then took two of them to his laboratory and showed them his experiment.


Then Ighina realizes that something wrong with the functioning of device. One day, while he was observing the glass, he inadvertently hit a magnet which fell on the ground passing close to the glass. Ighina recounts that his meeting with extraterrestrials maghetico place almost ten years before, on the mountain at Castellaccio Imola. We must remove the old, ad install the new. So, in my opinion, if Ighina is a “Crazy” is a “crazy” that speaks and acts as a wise and so should be enough.

If the humans go on with their experiments on atomic energy, it will create many gatherings of magnetic atoms and the following discharges will cause perturbations all over the hemisphere. Inside the tube he created another canal which was tuned with the atoms of the matter he wanted to excite.

Pier Luigi Ighina — magnetic atom

This way he could then change the vibration of the matter as he liked. Ighina in with the microscope Atomic lenticular is taken the atom magnetic, toweled with five [ cataletti mabnetico of atoms. After this time the peach tree had become an apple tree. Every phenomenon that I have described, happens depending only by the time and amplitude of the signal.

This device is able to destroy every type of toxic pollution, including magnetcio radiation. The opposite would be done in case of landing.