How to Use the LD Motor Driver – Arduino Tutorial: The LD is a pin Motor Driver IC which can control a set of two DC motors simultaneously in any. SunFounder LD is a monolithic integrated, high voltage, high current, 4- channel driver. Basically this means using this chip you can use DC. The Motor Driver is a module for motors that allows you to control the working speed and direction of two motors Motor Driver is designed .

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Enable Pin is use to ena b le or to ma k e a chan n e l active. Generally we prefer 6V for dc m otor a nd 6 to 12V for gear motor, dep e nding upon t h e rating of the m o tor. Navigation Main page Random page Recent changes. I never seen this type of post.

LD Motor Driver Shield – Wiki

Time sequence input of storage register. Hi, I just want also to add that an LD module is readily available which includes capacitors and voltage regulators. While on the falling edge, the data in shift register remain unchanged.


All Output Pin No. Supply voltage; 5V up to 36V. Motor driver take the input sign mktor ls from microcontr o ller and generate corresponding output for m o tor. One channel is used for one moto r.

One H-bridge is capable to drive a dc motor in bidirectional. You made a good site and I have found a similar website, please check this one Splined Bushings visit the site to know more. Engineers Garage is a community of Electronics and Electrical Engineers where they can take ideas for there projects or submit there tutorials also. Unknown July 14, at 3: Quadcopter in India July 24, at 4: SPI Module of Arduino.

In its common mode of operation, two DC motors can be driven simultaneously, both in forward and reverse direction. Vedavyas July 28, at 1: Supp l y voltage Vss is t h e Voltage at which we wish to drive the m o tor.

Visit our page for more information. Left m o tor.

L293D Motor Driver Shield

If its high ou t put depend on input. Using the LD motor driver IC.

Rahul Drover June 30, at 1: Input logic 00 or 11 will stop the corresponding motor. Diac Noida May 2, at Call and get core Job.


Interface SD Card with Arduino. Enable pin for Motor 1; active high.


The H-Bridge is typically an electrical circuit that enables a voltage to be applied across a load in either direction to an output, e. Microcontroller Tutorials October 3, at 1: Virgin Galactic — Commercial Space Flight. Arduino based GPS receiver. On the rising edge, data in the shift register moves into memory register. This is what is used in this self-balancing robot project. When the enable input is low, those drivers are disabled, and their outputs are off and in drivr high-impedance state.

This higher current signal is used to drive the motors. Logic 01 and 10 will rotate it in clockwise and anticlockwise directions, respectively. Navigation menu Personal tools Log in.