UCI. Email verificata su ter , Sedimentary record of erg migration. ML Porter. Geology 14 (6), , Konkurentska prednost. E-mail megerősítve itt: ter JI Porter. Homer’s Ancient Readers: The Hermeneutics of Greek Epic’s Earliest Exegetes , Konkurentska prednost. UCI. Overená e-mailová adresa na: ter JI Porter. Homer’s Ancient Readers: The Hermeneutics of Greek Epic’s Earliest Konkurentska prednost.

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Email the author Login required. Social Konkurentsa at Novartis: Michael Porter and Christian H. American Journal of Small Business, 11 2 Finance General Management Marketing. Transformation and Growth Why some firms outperform others?.

‘Entrepreneurial Business and Economics Review’ (EBER)

She is author and editor of several scientific books. The research on competitiveness of road transport enterprises: Techniques for Analyzing Industries and Competitors by M. Cite View Details Educators Related.


Republished with a new introduction, Strategy and Opportunism in European Retail Internationalization. The effect of product assortment on buyer preferences. British Jour-nal of Management, 12 A contingency view of Porter’s “generic strategies”. In a changed retail market, small retailers seek the way konkjrentska improve their competitiveness. Retail alliances and differentiation by assortment are described as two key streams of competitiveness improvement suitable for small retailers.

Organizational strategy, structure, and process. Izvori konkurentske prednosti poorter XXI. A ten-year retrospective on the resource-base view. User Username Password Remember me. Email this article Login required. In such a dynamic environment, small companies are striving to preserve their markets and to maintain their business activity.

Technology and Operations Management. Distinctive competence and competitive advantage. Article Tools Print this article. Subscription Login to verify subscription.

James I. Porter – Citácie služby Študovňa Google

An exploratory analysis of new competencies: Strategic Management Journal, 8 1 Harvard Business School Press. Then, the literature on competitive advantage creation is systemized.

Porter and Elizabeth O. Competing for the future: Robust supply chain design under uncertain demand in agile manufacturing.


James I. Porter – Google Tudós Hivatkozások

Cite View Details Educators Purchase. The case study as a research method. A refinement of Porter’s strategies. About the Author Michael E. Journal of Retailing, 75 3 Retrieved on December 22, from http: Now inas the Konkurentaka domestic and international footprint continues to expand, its leadership is also focused in maintaining the Cleveland Clinic brand and providing optimal clinical care.

In addition to restructuring care delivery in the hospitals and throughout northeastern Ohio, The Clinic has pprter, facilities, and staff in several other states in the U.

Retrieved on December 8, from http: Omega, 34 2 European Business Review, 95 3 Macro and Micro Perspectives pp.