Kolaru Pathigam – Meaning and Benefits of Kolaru Pathigam. Our Hindu mythology says that the earth is round and all the grahas or planets. Om Namah Shivaya Kolaru Pathigam a powerful hymn sung by Thiru Gnana Sambandhar pleading for Lord Shiva’s protection against the ill effects of planets. kOLaRu thiru-pathigam paN. and the Snakes Ragu and Keetu will NOT do anything evil but only good.] vEyuRu . Kolaru-Pathigam-With-Meaning-English.

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Know what the August 11 Solar Eclipse is bringing for you on the basis of your Zodiac. Stories you may want to read. Tuesday, January 3, Kolaru thirupathigam tamil. Kplaru official music app for devotional songs composed on Sadguru Shree Aniruddha. But she could not get a ticket on that bus. Spiritual Samarpanam See more. In Tamil, KOL means planets as well as evil.

Ayyappa Patalu Telugu is the devotional songs album of bhakti Ayyappa Songs. The Black Lotus App. How does listening to Kolaru Pathigam help us? The saint Thirujnana Sambandar of Brahma puramwhere Brahma is patbigam, And which has honey kolau, sugar canepaddy in an abundant measure, Is ordering that those devotes who read this garland of wordsWould not suffer the ill effects caused by planetsstars and others and would rule the heavens.

Improved the usability, Removed unused permissions. It is used to overcome pathigaj ills, obstacles, dangers. Jan 29, Not being an expert in the old tamilin which it is written, for doing this translation ,I have consulted several times another English translation for this pathigam available in http: Your narration is mostly correct except that it was Thirunavukkarasar, not Manicka Vachagar who was with Gnana Sambandar.


kOlaru pathigaM by thiru-~nyAna saMbaNdar – Slokas In English

The hymn also says that Vishnu and Brahma would help the devotees of Siva. Uru valar pavala meni oli neeru aninthu, umayodum vellai vidai mel, Murugalar kondrai thingal mudi mel aninthu yen, ulame pugundhu ,athanaal, THirumagal kalaya thoorthi cheyya mathu bhoomi disai deivamana palavum, Englksh nalla nalla Avai nalla nalla adiyaar avarkku migave.

But Appar was skeptical about this as he believed that the Jains could cause them harm. Times Point Know more.

The Powerful Kolaru Pathigam : Appeasing the Navagrahas

Mr V Chandrasekaran of Pathigwm, Mumbai says that during the early 60’s when India and China were at war, the Kanchi Mahaperiyaval had strongly recommended chanting of the Kolaru Pathigam. Manikkavasagar was little worried to go becauseit was at that time thought that the Jains were experts in evil magic. The meaning of the word requires careful interpretation.

Propitiating Sun as Sun God is part of our Hindu culture. Partial Solar Eclipse is coming and here’s how it will affect your Zodiac Sign. This is the reason our temples have always had the Navagrahas.

Add to Spiritual Diary. Lord Rama was a descendant of Lord Surya. This powerful hymn sung by Thiru Gnana Sambandhar pleads for Lord Shiva ‘s protection against the ill effects of planets. Sambandhar met Appar Thirunavukkuarasar in a place called Vedaranyam. Jupiter moves to Scorpio till November pathigxm, know its effects on your life! Interestingly, the hymn has references to Ravana.

In your translation of Kolaru Padigam, you have mentioned that Thirugnana Sambandar was with Manicka Vachagar at the time of singing englisn padigams. This hymn, says Dr Jayabharathi, is not only good for removing the ill effects of planets and stars. Uttamar Temple near Tiruchi, Tamil Nadu. She had a gynaecological problem which got cured sooner than she had imagined. The immortal legend – Sri Kanchi Mahaperiyaval has always spoken about the importance of praying to the Navagrahas.


The significance is that those who chant it or those who listen to it will find that all the evils eventually turn to good. He became a child saint and was completely devoted to Lord Neelkanta Siva.

The hymn also says that Vishnu and Brahma would help the lolaru of Siva. She requested Sambandhar to visit Madurai and rid the country of Jains.

Kolaru Pathigam – Meaning and Benefits of Kolaru Pathigam

And he mentions that the stars and planets are not aligned right inauspicious indication of stars and planets and Gnana Sambandar then sings this padigam. But Sambandhar smiled and sang the Kolaru Pathigam. ARU in Tamil means that which cuts, shreds, blows into smithereens. Sign In to earn Badges. For a devotee of Lord Neelakanta Siva who has Parvathi as his other half, chanting or listening to the hymn will convert all the evil into good.

Veyurur tholi pangan, Vidam unda kandan, Miga nalla veenai thadavi, Masaru thingal, gangai mudi mel aninthen, ulame pugundhu adhanal, Jnayiruthingal, chevvaibudhanvyazhan Velli, sanipambu irandum udane, Aasaru nalla, nalla avai nallanalla adiyar avarkku migave.