Lastly, Paul will show that keeping in step with the Spirit is not self-‐focused . As J.I. Packer notes, “To be right with God the judge is a great. J. I. Packer’s Keep in Step with the Spirit focuses on the person and ministry of the Holy Spirit. Now in its second edition, this book is not merely a theological. In this new edition of his classic Keep in Step with the Spirit, J. I. Packer seeks to help Christians reaffirm the biblical call to holiness and the Spirit’s role in.

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Jim Packer give a soundly balanced view of the movement but actually is more interested in discussing the vital role of the Holy Spirit in leading and pointing us to Christ and being a key instrument in our progressive sanctification. Want to Read Currently Reading Read.

Certainly God sometimes works wonders of sudden I found this to be a very helpful book. Examples include saying no to cravings for sex, drink, drugs, tobacco, money, kicks, luxury, promotion, power, reputation, adulation, or whateverbeing patient with folks who try your patience, loving the unlovable, controlling your temper, standing firm under pressure, speaking out boldly for Witg, trusting God in face of trouble.

Augustinian holiness is hardworking holiness, based on endless repetitions of this sequence.

Keep in step with the Spirit – J I Packer | The Good Book Company

This truth summarized by Jesus in the phrase, “He will glorify Me” [Jn. For those who seek a thoroughly biblical, practically sensible and generously orthodox handling of the person and work of the Holy Spirit, this is a must read book. Jim Packer give a soundly balanced view of the movement but actually is more interested ln discussing the vital role of j.i.pafker Holy Spirit in I love all Dr Jim Packer’s writing anyway but this book is so very characteristic of him.

Note Packer’s efforts in the Evangelicals Catholics Together movement.

Keep in Step with the Spirit: Finding Fullness in Our Walk with God – J. I. Packer – Google Books

Fellows Program Do you want to experience the power of a transformed life? I never get the sense that Packer is trying to bolster his own theory or doctrine, but rather that he is genuinely seeking to mine the doctrine directly from the scripture itself.


Jul 24, Christopher Jamison rated it it was ok. I WILL reread it one day. Holiness teaching tha skips over disciplined persistence in the well-doing that forms holy habits is thus weak; habit forming is the Spirit’s ordinary way of leading us on in holiness.

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For not only is this, as we saw, a key theme in Scripture, it speaks to an obvious and universal human need. A memorable analogy was comparing the work of the Holy Spirit to the light that shines on a building at night. Packer is recognized as one of today’s leading evangelical theologians. I got a lot of good information out of the few couple of chapters, but then the book takes a left turn into the world of Charismatic meep Pentecostal worship. Packer’s insistence on centering all thoughts concerning the Spirit around the essence of His ministry as displayed especially in chapters of John’s gospel proved remarkably enlightening and served to tie together the various mental threads I had concerning the role of this third Person of the trinity in the New Testament era.

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Feb 27, Andrew Strenn rated it really liked it. It is thoroughly biblical in approach. It helped heal some scars inflicted by the Keswick teaching from my youth. Open Preview See a Problem?

Quite possibly the ste popular-level book on biblical sanctification I have ever read. Both times the reference is to resisting one’s own sinful impulses as the flip side of one’s practice of righteousness see the contexts, Rom. It is considered a classic, however the 2nd edition makes it completely relevant to the church today. What ought we to say about their emphasis? Parts of this were amazing, but many other parts of it were too vague and possibly unhelpful.

Want to Read saving…. Oct 14, Don Bryant rated it it was tne Shelves: And his own triumphant cry from prison as he faces possible execution is: Here is some of the stuff I found helpful: Tye is not quite as deep as Carson, but there is plenty of meat to chew on.


And the empowering is always the work of the Holy Spirit, even when Christ stpe is named as its source, for Tne is the Spirit giver John 1: Third, you go to work with a good will and eith high heart, expecting to be helped as you asked to be. No trivia or quizzes yet. Packer’s honesty about his understanding of the scripture is refreshing; he questions what different scriptures might mean and whether people have interpreted them correctly. Packer discusses both the merits and shortcomings of the current charismatic movement and how Christ must always be at the center of spirlt Spirit-led ministry.

Oct 16, Aaron Pang rated it it was amazing. Evangelical stress, therefore, on supernatural sanctity through the Spirit as something real and necessary has been and always will be timely teaching. To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. Describing himself in the edition preface as a ‘pietistic theologian and a theological pietist’ sums up his approach. Packer’s writings will appreciate this radical call to personal and corporate revival.

This book gives excellent balance to the various teachings on the Holy Spirit in the Church today. The first is that the Spirit works through means – through the objective means of grace, namely, biblical truth, prayer, fellowship, worship, and the Lord’s Supper, and with wiht through the subjective means of grace whereby we open ourselves to change, namely thinking, listening, questioning oneself, examining oneself, admonishing oneself, sharing what is in one’s heart with others, an weighing any response they make.

A Preface to the Preface In love experiences, both human and divine, one is intensely self-aware.