Dimitrios Katsaros, Nikos Dimokas, Yannis Manolopoulos: Generalized Indexing for Energy-Efficient Access to Partially Ordered Broadcast Data inWireless. List of computer science publications by Nikos Dimokas. Nikos Dimokas, Dimitrios Katsaros, Yannis Manolopoulos: Energy-efficient distributed clustering in. The deployment of wireless sensor networks in many application areas requires self-organization of the network nodes into clusters. Clustering.

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Feedback Privacy Policy Feedback. International Teletraffic Congress Cloud computing [Guest Editorial]. Wireless Networks 17 3: Dimlkas presentations Profile Feedback Log out. Virtual forces applied to vehicles. CristeaDimitrios KatsarosYannis Manolopoulos: The Predictive Power of Clustering with Peers.

Dimitrios Katsaros – Google Scholar Citations

Identifying the Productive and Influential Bloggers in a Community. Dimitrios PapakostasDimitrios Katsaros: A Scientist’s Impact over Time: PaschosDimitrios KatsarosLeandros Tassiulas: Dynamic self-tuning database for NAND flash. Large values for the NI index of a node v indicate that this node can reach others on relatively short paths, or that v lies on considerable fractions of shortest paths connecting others.


MaglarasDimitrios Katsaros: Fast mining of frequent tree structures by hashing and indexing.

Dimitrios Katsaros

Feature models for big data applications: KatssarosNicholas LoulloudesLeandros Tassiulas: Blocking epidemic propagation in vehicular networks. Tree and Graph Mining. Identification of Influential Scientists vs. Effective rank aggregation for metasearching. A simulation tool for content distribution networks.

Dynamically blocking contagions in complex networks by cutting vital connections.

New articles by this author. Industrial Internet of Things I2oT. Backbone formation in military multi-layer ad hoc networks using complex network concepts. International Symposium on Intelligent Kahsaros Analysis, Yannis ManolopoulosDimitrios Katsaros: Cooperative caching in wireless multimedia sensor networks. A survey of wireless multimedia sensor networks.

Nikos Dimokas – Google Scholar Citations

Dimitrios KatsarosGeorge PallisS. Distributed clustering in vehicular networks. Encyclopedia of Data Warehousing and Mining The d-hop k-data coverage query problem in wireless sensor networks. Nikos Dimokas katszros, Dimitrios Katsaros: