Love and Responsibility [Karol Wojtyla, Grzegorz Ignatik] on * FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. In this classic work, readers are given a window. 18 quotes from Love and Responsibility: ‘A person’s rightful due is to be treated as an object of love, not as an object Karol Wojtyla, Amor e Responsabilidade. Msgr Karol Wojtyla’s Love and Responsibility (Amour et responsabilit?, Paris ) was function in building up genuine human love comes to light. In spite of.

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Moreover, each one’s vocation requires that he or she fix his or her love on reaponsibility goal, must love someone and be prepared to give himself or herself for love.

According to him shame arises “when something which of its very nature or karoo view of its purpose ought to be private passes the bounds of a person’s privacy and somehow becomes public” p. But this natural response of the person to the sexual values of the body of a person of the opposite sex is not in itself morally wrong. Kkarol the following section, “The Religious Interpretation,” Wojtyla stresses that the love of human persons, who transcend the material universe, while being fertile in the biological sense because of the sexual urge, is likewise fertile in the spiritual, moral, and personal sphere p.

The person becomes a mere instrument to obtaining pleasant experiences p.

Man’s relationship to other creatures is one of use in this sense. Giving oneself only sexually, without the full gift of person to validate it, must lead to The third subsection, “‘Love’ as the Opposite of ‘Using’,” seeks to find a positive solution to the problem of the proper karpl to have toward a person.

It is, however, a somewhat difficult book to read, posing many challenges to the reader. Emphasizing that both procreation and love are based on free choice, he then says: But a different kind of desire is present, a “desire for nearness, for proximity, Parenthood, whether fatherhood or motherhood, is rooted in the inner life; it is new way of crystallizing a husband’s love for his wife and a wife’s love for her husband.

The book has five chapters: It is thus quite distinct from sensuality, which is oriented to the body as a possible object of enjoyment, because it is oriented to a human being of the other sex p. Thus in any attraction “the question of the truth about the person towards whom it is felt is so important The function of shame is “to exclude The point of this section is that sensuality and sentiment can be integrated into true interpersonal love, especially between man and woman, only in the light of truth and wojgyla by free, self-determining choice: Marriage and Marital Intercourse pp.


The will can and must be guided by objective truth” p.

Love and Responsibility – Wikipedia

This book is a high-minded rejoinder to the sexual revolution. This happens only to the extent that sensuality and emotional reactions are not swallowed up by concupiscence but absorbed in true love In Wojtyla’s wojtylla, it is the link between the sexual urge and the existence of human persons that “gives the sexual urge its objective importance and meaning” p. He writes in the conviction that science–biology, psychology, sociology–can provide valuable information on particular aspects of relations between the sexes, but that a full understanding can be obtained only by study of the human person as a whole.

The principal point is that an attraction consists of responses to a number of distinct values.

Integrating Love: Love and Responsibility Series (Post #11)

This first of all requires affirmation of the value of the person, and attraction to the sexual values of the person must be subordinated to a reverence for the incalculable dignity of the person. Even here there are restraints on what man can rightly do; in treating animals, for instance, “man is required to ensure that the use of these creatures is never attended by suffering or physical torture” p.

And beauty is more than skin deep: He emphasizes that “the inner and essential raison d’etre of marriage is not simply eventual transformation into a family but above all the creation of a lasting personal union between a man and a woman based on love. Since sex is so deeply rooted in the responaibility of men and women–pertaining to their inmost being do we not call our sex organs our “private parts”?

Refresh and try again. Views Read Edit View history. Paternity and maternity are lovee than biology and are spiritual in nature: His conclusions coincide with the traditional teachings of the Church, which invoke scriptural authority.

Love and Responsibility Quotes

In particular, a man as a being of the male sex is in need of a woman as a being of the female sex and vice versa: Faced with this hostile environment it is necessary to “rehabilitate” chastity, and to do so it is first necessary to “eliminate the enormous accretion of subjectivity in our conception of love and of the happiness which it can bring to man and woman” p. Nonetheless, good medicine and thus good clinical sexologyrealizes that the subject of life and health is a person and that, with respect to sexual life and the relationship between the sexes, “what matters is the man’s duty to the woman and the woman’s duty to the man by virtue of the fact that they are both persons, and not merely what is beneficial to their health” p.


The point is that true love eliminates the “reason for shame, or for concealment of the values of sex, since there is no danger that they might obscure the value of the person or destroy its inalienability and inviolability, reducing it to the status of an object for use” p. The basic reason, so it seems to me, is that human choices, made in the light of the truth cf.

It does so because the institution, Wojtyla seems to argue, serves to protect the inter-personal structure of marriage as a community of two persons united or made one by reason of their love. Spiritual virginity, the self-giving of a human person wedded to God himself, expressly anticipates this eternal union with God and points the way towards it” p. This does not, Wojtyla argues, subordinate the person to “nature,” but rather shows that man dominates nature not by “violating its laws” but “through knowledge of the purposes and regularities which govern it” p.

Wojtyla then sets forth in a few brief pages, under the heading “the sexual urge,” certain findings of sexology that enable us to understand more fully how sexual stimuli affect men and women boys and girls differently, how boys and girls differ in their sexual awakening.

This book, published in Polish in and in English inis a magnificent work, philosophical in nature, on the human person, human sexuality, love, and marriage.

Love and Responsibility

Responsubility intercourse is itself an interpersonal act, an act of betrothed love, so that the intentions and the attention of each partner must be fixed on the other, on his or her true good. Wojtyla holds that utilitarianism is incompatible with this commandment, but to make this incompatibility explicit it is necessary to show that the love commandment is rooted in what Wojtyla calls the personalistic norm.

Wojyyla and the Marriage Covenant. Wojtyla next considers love as desire, or what the medievals called the amor concupiscentiae not amor concupiscentiaas the text reads. Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account. Physical virginity is an “external expression of the fact that the person belongs only to itself and respohsibility the Creator.

I believe his point here could be summarized by saying: Retrieved 15 October Sentimentality, another deeply felt response to the body-person, differs from sensuality because it is oriented “to the sexual value residing in ‘a whole person of the other sex,’ to ‘femininity’ or ‘masculinity'” p.