Vampire: The Eternal Struggle (published as Jyhad in the first or “Limited” multi -player (3+) rules, a lack of “land cards”, and a more rapid card drawing As in most other collectible card games, each player designs his or her own deck. OBJECT OF THE GAME Your goal is to destroy the influence held by rival . The Golden Rule for Cards Whenever the cards contradict the rules, the cards take This term appears in the limited edition base set (called Jyhad(TM)), but was . Although the card game was designed and published by Wizards of the Coast, this A summary of revised Jyhad rules circa , plus a lexicon of game and.

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For the withdrawal to succeed, you must meet the following conditions:.

Some effects can cancel a card “as it is played. Repository of blood counters not in use. A burned counter or token is returned to the blood bank.

A dodge is a strike, even though it is solely defensive. An imbued may not have two copies of the same power. Some merged cards have an additional effect that only applies if the card is merged with its base card. Rjles Title card is a placeholder for a title. All details of the action are declared when the action is announced, including the target sthe cost, the effects, etc. Other trophies may be moved to this vampire, as well see section 1.

To employ a retainer from your hand, play the card and lock the acting minion.

A Beginner’s Guide to Playing Vampire: The Eternal Struggle (Jyhad)

Ira then uses his hands one more time, and Kurt can’t use a strike because he had only one additional strike. Some allies have the ability to play certain cards “as a vampire.

Equipment cards are action cards that give minions special abilities. Note that moving past the block attempts when all Methuselahs have declined to block is an effect and so allows the acting Methuselah and others to play more cards and effects.


A vampire cannot have more blood than his capacity; if an effect puts more blood on him than his capacity allows, the excess is always moved to the blood bank immediately. Each vote or ballot cast is cast either “for” or “against” the referendum, and a Methuselah may cast some of her votes and ballots in favor and some against, as she chooses, with the restriction that all of the votes and ballots from a each given vampire or other source must be cast in agreement as a group.

Most of the activity in the game occurs in the minion phases. Combat results when a minion blocks the action of a ready minion.

Some of the various clans of vampires have grouped themselves into sects. Deals and alliances, both for the gamd or for the whole game, can play a big role.

VAMPIRE: The Eternal Struggle Complete Rules

The advancement card is a vampire card in all respects, so it can be influenced in the normal manner. Politics and diplomacy are as critical to vampires as hunting and feeding. A vampire in torpor is particularly weak and vulnerable to attacks from others of his kind. It is played in the unlock phase, so it is an “unlock” card, not a master or minion or discard event card.

A Beginner’s Guide to Vampire: The Eternal Struggle (Jyhad)

On the other hand, you may wish to have a second copy handy in case the first is burned. Your influence phase allows you to devote some of your influence measured by your pool to controlling the minions in your uncontrolled region.

After diablerie, a blood hunt may be called on the diablerist. Treat these vampires as if they had titles of their own. When an ally loses his last life counter, he is burned. Only ready vampires can contest titles — vampires in torpor must yield during the unlock phase. A wounded vampire is one that has taken damage that he failed to heal or one that is in torpor or on his way to torpor. In particular, the ally is not treated as a vampire for effects the card has from being in play like “the vampire with this card” effects.


Two rkles counters are moved to Cohn rulew the mage, and Cohn sustains 2 damage. If a vampire is wounded, he goes to torpor after all the damage is handled see Torpor, sec. Along with effects generated by cards, there are other effects that are resolved during the unlock phase:. A group of Kindred arguably united under a common philosophy.

You may use a master phase action to play a master card, and some cards can give you alternate ways to use your master phase actions.

If a vampire with a title gains another, he loses the first title, even if the new title would be a demotion. The impending Armageddon ryles which the Antediluvians will rise up and devour all Cwrd. A minion cannot use more than one action modifier card to increase a bleed during a bleed action. A minion cannot play two maneuvers in a row which would effectively cancel each other.

Becoming an anarch changes the vampire’s sect to Jyhax. Games can take anything from half an hour to three or more hours for a 5-player game. No matter what sect, a vampire cannot have more than one title. When a minion or retainer takes damage either from a strike or from other meanshe must burn blood or lose life, as appropriate see Damage Resolution, sec.

During Sarah’s minion phase, she decides that one of her unlocked minions, Krid, will take an action to bleed her prey, Alexis. This continues until only one player is left on the table. Increased stealth and intercept return to normal after the action is resolved.