José de la Riva Agüero y Osma (b. 26 February ; d. 26 October ), Peruvian historian, literary scholar, and politician. Born in Lima, Riva Agüero. Politician, lawyer and Peruvian researcher born in Lima in and died in his hometown in After completing secondary studies, he ente. I.E “José de la Riva Aguero y Osma”, Chorrillos, Lima, Peru. 9 likes. Colegio con la meta de ser unos de los mejores colegios del Perú.

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He was the first Head of State who had the title of President of the Republic.

His disagreements with Congress and Bolivar’s Arrival determined en end of his mandate and his deportation, first to Guayaquil and then to Europe, where he lived until he came back to America in He went first agufro Chile and then returned to Peru in and was elected deputy to a Convention that reincorporated him in the army with the title of Grand Marshal.

After the end of that political entity, he went again to Osms in He inherited from his mother’s joose the title of Marquess of Montealegre de Aulestia and was baptized in the parish of San Marcelo of Lima in He spent his childhood and youth in Spain, where he was educated and ed participated in the wars against the Napoleonic invasion.

During his brief military experience, he was awarded and recognized by the Spanish Royal Crown because of the courage showed in a campaign where he saved the lives of 10 comrades after the mission’s General was shot to death. Inhe returned to Lima and participated in the independence cause.

During his short government, he suffered the entry of Spanish troops into the capital and the departure of the government towards a new installation at the port of Callao.

Congress had been waiting for the Venezuelan “Liberator” to come to Peru and help to consolidate the Independence of the country, and was more than willing to grant him all necessary osms.

He was subsequently exiled to Chile. After its collapse, he retired from public life until his death in He had five children with Caroline-Arnoldine de Aguer. During his time in Spain, he joined an American lodge that worked for the lla of America. He came back to Peru after he was appointed as accountant and re judge in the area of luck and lotteries in the Tribunal Mayor de Cuentas de Limareturned to Peru, via Buenos Airesdecided to support the independence movement. During his trip, he avoided harassment from the authorities: Something similar happened in the city of Mendoza.

Already established in Limahe was associated with various groups of patriots and maintained active correspondence with those of Chile and Buenos Aires, which had already been installed Governing Boards. He was involved in almost all Lima conspiracies, which were closely monitored by the authorities and eventually persecuted. However, the intervention of powerful friends and relatives saved him. He sent valuable data on the situation of the royalist forces and helped define the plan of operations of the Army of the Andes to attack the central coast of Peru to penetrate the Alto Peru.

Indeed, he was one of those who influenced over Numancia Battalion’s celebrated change to the patriot ranks.

Similarly, he promoted the guerrilla organization to sever accesses in Lima. He also helped to produce the schism and rivva among the Spanish generals themselves and help to infiltrate the royal army with double agents.

After the end of that political While at San Marcos, he gained a reputation for academic excellence and political activism, and was part of the so-called Generation of He received a Bachelor of Arts degree and a Doctorate degree in human sciences in andresp On his return to Peru, now being a brigadier, he was appointed inspector of the army, and also named Governor of Trujillo. Democratic National Party in Spanish: The Constituent Congress of Peru, was the first democratically elected institution in Peru.


The main task of this meeting was to give the Republic of Peru its first constitution, which was the liberal constitution of Background After the proclamation of the independence of Peru, the ancient capita The Peruvian War of Independence was composed of a josd of military conflicts in Peru beginning with viceroy Abascal military reconquest in in the battle of Guaqui, rivva with the definitive defeat of the Spanish Army in in the battle of Joe, and culminating in with the Siege of Callao.

Because of this the viceroy often had the support of the “Lima oligarchy,” who saw their elite interests threatened by popular rebellion and were opposed to the new josd class in Buenos Aires. The city of Sucre, Bolivia’s capital, is named for him, as is a state aguedo Venezuela and a department of Colombia.

Both the old and new airports of Ecuador’s capital Quito are also named after him. Biography Family The aristocratic Sucre family traces its roots back to origins in Flanders. On December 22,Charles de Sucre y Pardo arriv The document was composed of eleven central articles, outlining its necessity and stipulations, and one additional article that ordered to keep the treaty secret until it was deemed necessary by both contracting parties.

Ongoing border disputes between Bolivia and Chile worsened the region’s tense political environment, made all the more precarious by a global economic depression, and served as the setting for the treaty’s negotiation and signing.

The system of mutual defense established between Bolivia and Peru sought to protect their national security and the regional balance of power by containing Chile’s ex He is most notable for writing the lyrics of the National Anthem of Peru.

After completing his school studies at San Luis Gonzaga de Ica, he went to the National University of San Marcos, where he held an Arts degree between and ; already graduated from bachelor in canons canon law of the legal norms that regulate the organization of a church and the discipline of his parishionershe was authorized to perform forensic practice inin the study of Antonio Bedoya, but his final exam was left deferred when he died, despite having other teachers later.

He was one of those summoned by the Cabildo of Lima to decide for the independence of Peru, signing the Act of Independence on July 15, On the last day of his debut season with the club, he scored a 94th-minute winner against Queens Park Rangers that earned City its first league title in 44 ye The Confederation came to an end three years later after being defeated by Chile in the War of the Confederation.

This integration was b In the struggle for the independence of Peru, the hero acted as secret emissary carrying messages between the Government of Callao and Lima Patriots by swimming. He was discovered, arrested and subjected to torture and sentenced to death despite the torture, he never revealed his mission and willingly swallow the letters assigned to the mission. The independence of Peru, first declared in Huaura in November and July 28, in Lima, had become effective only in Lima and in the north, but Cuzco, the central highlands and south were still under the rule of the royal army.

The President of Peru Spanish: Presidents de facto who assumed power through political coups are also included in this list. The last directly elected President of Peru was Pedro Pablo Kuczynski, from July 28, to March 21,when he resigned from office.

José de la Riva Agüero – Wikipedia

Presidential term and transitions Ordinarily, kose are elected for five-year terms, with no opportunity for immediate reelection. He ran unsuccessfully against Alberto Fujimori for President of Peru in and following Fujimori’s resignation over corruption charges, he was Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs from November until July In Septemberhe stepped down from his position as Peru’s Ambassador to France, where he formerly resided.

He is also a member of the Club de Madrid, a group of more than former Presidents and Prime Ministers of democratic countries, which works to strengthen democracy worldwide. He studied in Colegi Looz-Corswarem coat of arms Looz-Corswarem is a Belgian ducal family belonging to the Belgian nobility. Potius mori quam foedari.


History The current family is formed by descendants of the Lords of Corswarem and was in service of the Lords of Loon. While spelled alike, this name is rjva differently in each language: In England, Jose is originally a Romano-Celtic surname, and people with this family name can usually be found in, or traced to, the English county of Cornwall, where it was especially frequent during He served as Manuel A.

He was promoted to Major General i Foundation Qguero of Lima Map of the city of Lima with walls of Nevertheless, with time its original name persisted, which may come from one of two sources: Either the Aymara language lima-limaq meaning “yellow flower”dd the Spanish pronunciation of the Quechuan word rimaq meaning “talker”, and actually written and pronounced limaq in the nearby Quechua I languages.

It is worth noting that the same Quechuan word is also the source of the name given to the river that feeds the city, the Rimac river pronounced as in the politically dominant Quechua Atuero languages, with an “r” instead of an “l”. Early maps of Peru show the two names displayed jointly.

This is a list of heads of state, heads rivva governments, and other rulers in the year His earliest prominent appearance in Peruvian eiva began with his participation in a commanding role of the army of the Libertadores that helped Peru become an independent nation.

Later, he led the country when the economy boomed due to the exploitation of guano deposits.

Castilla’s governments are remembered for having abolished slavery and modernized the state. He assumed the presidency for the first time after general Domingo Nieto’s death for a short period inthen in untilagain from to and, finally, during a brief period in The Battle of Ayacucho Spanish: Batalla de Ayacucho, IPA: It was the battle that secured the independence of Peru and ensured independence for the rest of South America. As of lateRoyalists still had control of most of the south of Peru as well as of Real Felipe Fort in the port of Callao.

He was a member of the Civilista Party. He was born in Lima, Peru. He graduated from the National University of San Marcos and served on its faculty. He died in Rome, Italy. Pedro Pablo Kuczynski Godard Spanish: He was previously the Prime Minister of Peru from to His administration ended on 23 Marchfollowing his address to the nation two days earlier, announcing his resignation.

Kuczynski’s parents fled from Germany after Nazis came to power. Kuczynski worked in the United States before entering Peruvian politics. She served as Minister of Foreign Trade and Tourism from [1] to July ,[2] after which she was appointed Peru’s finance minister. She attended to St. She is also professor at the Diplomatic Orbegoso was born in Chuquizongo, Huamachuco, in During his government, he suffered the enmity of Gamarra, who while in exile had supp He also served as Supreme Protector of the short-lived Peru-Bolivian Confederation —39a political entity created mainly by his personal endeavors.

Events in the year in Peru.

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The Peru—Bolivian Confederation was a short-lived state that existed in South America between and The country was a loose confederation between the states of Peru, divided into the Republic of North Peru and the Republic of South Peru, and Bolivia, with the capital located in Tacna.

The Peru—Bolivian Confederation was opposed by neighboring countries from its inception, particularly Chile and Argentina, as a potential military and economic threat, and for its support for dissidents in exile. The War of the Confederation was triggered shortly after its formation when Chile and Argentina independently invaded the country.