Yet Vurt feathers are not for the weak. As the mysterious Game Cat says, ‘Be careful, be very careful’. But Scribble isn’t listening. He has to find his lost love. Vurt [Jeff Noon] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Vurt is a feather–a drug, a dimension, a dream state, a virtual reality. It comes in many. If you like literary science fiction, then Jeff Noon is the author for you. Vurt, winner of the Arthur C. Clarke award, is a cyberpunk novel with a difference.

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Also an alien that you First of all let me just say this isn’t my usual type of book so it was definitely a different experience for me. The Vurt is this dreamworld, but separating the real world from this fantasy dream world becomes the difficult part, not only for the characters but also for the reader.

I’m sad I didn’t like this book. Vurt tells the story of Scribble and his “gang”, the Stash Riders, as they search for his missing sister Desdemona.

Vurt by Jeff Noon

While the setting could have used some explaining here and there, the plot of the story was still clear enough to follow.

Half-vampire Darwin stumbles across a corpse on the streets of London, and in a pocket discovers a notebook in a mysterious language. In William Gibson’s cyberpunk, we have real people interfacing with virtual reality, in William Burroughs burt have real people taking perception altering drugs, and in Hannu Rajaniem’s world of the Quantum Thief we have I eventually figured out virtual human entities interacting in entirely artificial world.

Vurt comes in both legal and illegal varieties, the illegal kind running the gamut from severe terror bordering on snuff experiences black to vurts where it is completely impossible to “jerk out”, or exit the experience before it gets too dangerous, possibly leading to death Yellow. While they were certainly vivid, outgoing, and memorable, they were also flat and acting without sensible motivation.

Divided between human ethics and vampi No matter what the shortcomings are this book is so bold that it needs to be read to be appreciated. An early scene sees Scribble and Mandy trying to get the Thing into their apartment from the van jff being questioned by their neighbor, a repressed old woman, and it makes an excellent bit of uncomfortable comedy.


So here I am, looking at the genuine article, the haze of the utterly strange and fascinating and brilliant, and I’m wondering if I even like it. It is written from the perspective of Scribble, a member of a gang that spends their time doing Vurt feathers, which are a means of entering a virtual reality experience that is presented as a drug induced shared hallucination.

The critic Michael Bracewell has talked of Noon’s “sexually reproductive texts”. The middlebrow novel has never really interested me; these Booker prize novels full of feeling and observation and all this stuff about human life or reality, whatever that is. Brid is a shadowgirl.

Vurt by Jeff Noon

They see things differently, but sometimes act parts out in the real world. Vurt is told in first person by Scribble — possibly vuft narrator of the unreliable kind — who is searching for the rare feather, called Curious Yellow.

Anyway, part of me would be content leaving this book two stars and a four word review: As Joan Gordon points out, cyberspace represents “the underside of the human condition” and therefore the journey to virtual reality is comparable to the mythic journey to commune with the dead. I can see that some people might like this, even if it’s only because they believe they “should” like it. Raves were-at that time-social movements that promoted, among other laudable endeavours, personal virtue.

The first time I read it, a million years ago, proly around ‘ish when it was first published, I was so struck by its novelty that I kept buying more and more copies and I gave them to fellow partiers at raves. I’ I lost this book for awhile but thankfully found it when I was packing up my books!

Vurt (Vurt #1) by Jeff Noon

I remember not being able to put this down, but I must have been in a weird book phase at the time. Certainly all our focus is on a very small number of interacting characters.


It is also a dark dream with a lot of blood, violence and even incest. Vurf and try again. The Haunted are of both worlds; they flicker between the two, like fire flies. A vast project called “Electronic Nocturne” considers what post-digital culture might look like. The Beetle – the leader of the Stash Riders. Baines rated it did not like it. Scribble and his gang are travelling in a series of adventures through the rain of Manchester so he can find his lost love.

I think a special type o So, 23 year old me gave this 4 stars. Is the book as poorly written as the description?

Music and the visual arts are central to the way he approaches his literary craft. I have a big love for this novel, and recomme This is such a smart book, but for jrff reason doesn’t have the recognition that it deserves, at least not in literary circles.

Also an alien that you can cut pieces off of and eat while its alive because its also a drug in itself. It was filled in later by Game Cat, but in some cases as with the races explained somewhere in the last seventy pages it was much too late, and I did not see why we were not told such things up front; it would have made no artistic difference, it simply would have jef the read more clear.

Either way, it takes an interesting turn. Order by newest oldest recommendations. Both Noon and small publishing house Ringpull’s debut novel[1] it went on to win the Arthur C.

Perhaps this is the point, but I couldn’t get it to sit well in my head. Original pressing by Dingo Tush, but this was the hard hard! Jul 11, John Levon rated it it vury ok. I could go out to the pub with my mates and drink a few pints — nothing.