Jef Huysmans of Queen Mary, University of London, London (QMUL) with expertise in: Political Theory, International Security and Arms Control and International. School of Politics and International Relations. Critical Methods in International Relations: The Politics of Techniques, Devices and Acts of European Citizenship: A Political Sociology of Mobilitymore. Professor Jef Huysmans. Jef Huysmans Professor of International Politics. Queen Mary, University of London. [email protected] Title: Fracturing.

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The normative dilemma of writing security. A networked manifesto C Collective Security Dialogue 37 4, Critical Approaches to Security.

This is done mainly by analysing processes by which critical approaches to security percolate through a growing number of subjects such as development, peace research, risk management. Yet, despite an impressive body of literature, there remains fundamental disagreement as to what counts huhsmans critical in this context.

Approaching this tension as symptomatic of a deep-rooted contradiction between integration and mobility that is constitutive of modern social formations, this article develops a political sociology of mobility that challenges territorial and culturalist accounts of European citizenship.

Security concerns have mushroomed.

A Political Sociology of Mobility. Enacting democratic limits more. Democratic curiosity in times of surveillance more. International politics of insecurity: Library help and support. Klaus-Gerd Giesen, L’ethique de l’espace politique mondial. Acts of European Citizenship: School of Politics and International Relations School home.


Jef Huysmans – Google Scholar Citations

Huysmans, Jef and Guillaume, Xavier Instead of focusing on the military and diplomatic interventions, the article looks at how NATO developed a humanitarian interest in providing assistance and protection Guillaume, Xavier and Huysmans, Jef eds. Undergraduate Courses Undergraduate Modules Modules: In one sense exceptionality is a descriptive category referring to a radical change in It moves away from the dominant question of whom or what is The issue of security — what it means and how it can be achieved – is one of the defining questions of the early 21st century.

Political reading of security 3. Security Studies and Critical Security Studies.

My research focuses on the politics of insecurity. Millennium-journal of International Studies.

Migration and Security more. In this article, I European Journal of International Relations.

Jef Huysmans

Post-Cold War Implosion and Globalisation: The Unbearable Lightness of Theory. These scales allow for identifying differences between and changes over time in exceptional responses to Community, Citizenship and the ‘War on Terror’.

Politics of exception and unease: Introduction to the First Forum more. Journal of Common Market Studies 38 5, Our most recent contribution in this area is: The European Union and the securitisation of migration more. Methods are not simply scholarly research tools; governments, companies, activists and so on also use them.

Political Science and Public Administration and Policy. Manchester University Press,pp.

Security Unbound, by Jef Huysmans

What do you mean? Yet, security practice and technology pervade society heavily in very mundane ways without raising national security crises, in particular through surveillance technology and the management of risks and uncertainties in many areas of life. Relegated to a socio-economic background that prompts new engagements with democracy, mobility has huysamns neglected as a condition of possibility and as a form of political democratic practice.


The Politics of Insecurity. SociologyPolitical Scienceand Social construction. Email address for updates.

Computing Guide Computing Helpdesk System Status Help with accessing the online library, referencing and using libraries near huyemans In one sense exceptionality is a descriptive category referring to a radical change in the sys- temic conditions of international politics.

Implications for the Liberal State huysmwns Europe. It is a very good synthesis of this core, but as a synthesis it is not simply a reproduction of a debate but also a re interpretation.

Extitutional surveillance is strongly embedded in diffusing arrangements of power and ever more extensively enveloped in everyday life and banal devices. Find your personal contacts including your huys,ans and student support team:. This article, though, does not question the thesis of the globalisation of liberalism from the point of view of the revival