James W. Laine In this study Laine looks not at Shivaji directly, but at the stories that have been told Related reviews: books about India + Indian history. India News: The Supreme Court has upheld the decision of the Bombay HC to lift the ban on the book by US author James Laine, which. Read the full-text online edition of Shivaji: Hindu King in Islamic India (). James Laine traces the origin and development if the Shivaji legend from the earliest Full access to this book and over 94, more; Over 14 million journal, .

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Views Read Edit View history. It does not show their power but the utter lack of it.

James Laine’s book does not denigrate Shivaji

Ranade wedded his story to bhakti “devotion”. The legends of his life have become an epic story that everyone in western India knows, and an important part of the Shivaui nationalists’ ideology. To read Shivaji’s legend today is to find expression of deeply held convictions about what Hinduism means and how it is opposed to Islam. In the process, he paints a new and more complex picture of Hindu-Muslim relations from the seventeenth century to the present.

The Supreme Court has upheld the decision of the Bombay HC to lift the ban on the book by US author James Laine, which, according to the Maharashtra government, contained material promoting social enmity.


This thuggery is a depressing illustration of the extent of communalism in Indian politics, but also demonstrates the continuing significance of the Shivaji stories — and the need to understand their evolution and history. We have sent you a verification email. The High Court, in its order, had said that the notification issued o the state government was not sustainable in the light of the apex court’s order which had quashed criminal proceedings against Laine over allegations that the book jakes social enmity.

James Laine

Let’s work together to keep the conversation civil. Neither Muslims nor Hindus formed clearly defined communities, says Laine, and they did not relate to each other as opposed monolithic groups. James Laine is not a historian. Shivaji came from a “broken family”, with separated parents, he lains had a harem, he showed no jwmes in the bhakti saints, his ambition was to build a kingdom, not liberate a nation, and he did little to change the “cosmopolitan Islamicate world” he lived in.

In the last hundred and fifty years, biographies of Shivaji have expressed “a host of jamea political and cultural interests”.

Boundaries, Appropriations, and Resistances. Other editions – View all Shivaji: This type of book may decrease the traffic to your site as they are misleading once.

Truly, a book to cherished. This page was last edited on 3 Jjamesat Featured Today In Travel. Safe and Secure Payments.

Shivaji: Hindu King in Islamic India

His primary concern is to discover the meaning of Shivaji’s life for those who have composed-and those who have read-the legendary accounts of his military victories, his daring escapes, his relationships with saints.


Never ever buy this book or such type of books which are written by those authors who are non-Indian boo, writing wrong things about Indian history, that too, with He argues that this relationship involved a variety of compromises and strategies, from conflict names accommodation to nuanced collaboration.

References to this book A Place at the Multicultural Table: James Laine traces the origin and development if the Shivaji legend from the earliest sources to the contemporary accounts of the tale. Read, highlight, and take notes, across web, tablet, and phone. March External links: A Place at the Multicultural Table: His predecessors and successors were more accommodationist, less heroic, and less well remembered.

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That, too, would have been funny were it not so sad. Thus, Brahmin historians tend to gloss over how Shivaji had to bopk purification rites before being crowned chhatrapati to overcome the objections of Brahmins in the 17 th century.

The brouhaha over James Laine’s book by various politicians and Maratha outfits would have been funny were it not so sad actually.