ITR – V. ACKNOWLEDGEMENT. AY B1. COMPUTATION OF ITR No. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6 for assessment year , having the following particulars. 9. ITR-4, ITR-5, ITR-6 & ITR-8 transmitted electronically without digital signature. ITR ACKNOWLEDGEMENT Form for by Vishal Vijay Gupta and Co. ITR V ACKNOWLEDGEMENT AY 12 IN EXCEL FORMAT please tell me what is procedure for formation of “provident fund TRUST”.

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It is the interest you earned, which is taxable. Acknowledgwment advise what to do? Ram-Reply them with your error if possible find your eligibility for revise then go ahead accordingly.

Can you please guide me what is correct?

Do I need to revise my Income-tax-Return with correct 80C amount value entered. Please inform whether I can claim the refund now by filing a revised return. I have filed a return of the partnership firm A. How can I claim hra in itr 1. Do we need to e-verify both or 1-213 revised one.

Consultant is not cooperating and is not giving the ITR excel he used. For income for salary I provided form 16 and for income from profession i provided advance tax receipt to consultancy. However, due to some mistake I had to file revised ITR 1. Santosh-In acknnowledgement case please check with the organization which issued interest payment to you.


Dear Sir Your site is very useful for the people. Basavaraj Tonagatti is the man behind this caknowledgement. As ifr your advice previously told I have reverified the return but i found the following observation.


Later when i checked, 26AS shows the challan details correctly. Dear Sir, I have wrongly filled advance tax instead of TDS, and income tax department already did assessment of my return. As this is the first time i am going to fill the return i am not sure what to do in this case. Sir, my mother is pensioner and her salary is not taxable.

While Submitting the XML file on incometaxindia. Hence, I suggest acknowledgementt to consult any tax consultant of your area. My question is sum refund is due for the year AY what is the next step to get refund? What should I do now? So you can file revised return of FY upto 31st March end of assessment acknowledgmeent I am NRI and recently filled return for and where assessment completed and I got refund too. What should be done here as I am approaching the end date for file return?

Salim-Please follow this e-Tax Payment System. Why you have to resubmit the IT return when you pay the dues?? I add some amount to the interest earned and pay regular emi towards the personal loan.

Download Income Tax return forms for Assessment Year – News18

I got a notice from income tax department to pay rs. I have filed my returns for the AY well in advance and within the due date.

Now i realise, i should have filed it as NRI. Do I need to declare my US income earned also.

How to file revised income tax return?

Some deduction items LIC policies was not entered at that time. I always sent my ITRs in time and never defaulted. I recently got intimation by IT saying to pay some amount. If my insurance is pa. Ram-If any due tax then you need to pay. I did not change the same and submitted the return. As i was getting only stipend, I did not pay my taxes during the above said period. Is there any way to edit the details of the submitted ITR.


Once again I got a message acknowlegdement department that I have not sent the ITRV acknowledgementhence acknowledegment I sent the acknowledgement know the status is showing as acknowledgement received after due date in IT web site. I had file ITR return on I received a mail to e verify my return.

Moreover, I have a tax payable of some amount for the same. Dear sir, I have already applied TDS and got amount for now again got intimation for same and the amont also increased.

I filed my return after due date …. For your information this year last date to file the IT return was extended till 5th August my assumption. I have been working from home for a foreign company since Acknowlegdement on a monthly consulting fee that they credit directly into my saving account with no deductions since they are not setup in India.

I got employed in Marchacknpwledgement for FY I should have filed return with very minimal income but i filed with income details from FY O is unable to resolve my problem.