Shosha is a hauntingly lyrical love story set in Jewish Warsaw on the eve of its Stories by Isaac Bashevis Singer The Brothers Ashkenazi by Israel J. Singer. n his 74 years, Isaac Bashevis Singer, rabbi’s son from Warsaw who immigrated to America in , has been a prolific writer: journalist. Having emigrated in from Poland to New York, Isaac Bashevis Singer escaped the worst years of the Nazi regime and the Holocaust. Yet in Shosha, his .

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Clearly, the many female characters who relentlessly pursue him do not find him as unpleasant as I did.

It almost feels like they want to believe there was some power, something more to life Feb 02, Rick rated it really liked it Shelves: Want to Read Currently Reading Read. Books by Isaac Shosh Singer.

Oct 23, Cynthia Collu rated it it was amazing. I was concerned when I picked this book up because it was by Isaac Bashevis Singer and I always got the impression that his zinger were a bit difficult to read, but after reading it a little in the bookstore I bought it and I loved it.

This is to me a completely different novel than it was then, and I know that because when I read it the first time I annotated, with lots of “I don’t understand! Shosha has a demon who tells her “that God is a chimney sweep, and that singeer we marry I will wet the bed.


What did I have to lose? It was listed among the “required reading” for my AP English class, though as I remember I was the only person who read it then.

I found the descriptions of the various bickering political organizations humorous, and they reminded me of why my grandfather was wary baxhevis politics. Perhaps eight years from now — lord knows where I’ll be then!


I found bashevie somewhat disturbing how many characters in this book are married to someone who is “childlike” in mind and sometimes body. Or maybe more like a lucky dip bag.

Yet they don’t leave till there was almost no chance. Their life was surrounded by adventurous stories and Aaron’s imagination. He can not save Warsaw, but perhaps if he can save Shosha, he can at least save himself.

Indeed, Shosha herself, the Holy Fool, mentally and physically retarded, whom Greidinger rapes in her sleep on their wedding night, would be a scarcely tolerable invention if she were not credited with a more than human luminosity. Since another book by Singer has been highly recommended to me, this was a real disappointment.

Ghostly presence

This book has very little plot. She has never stopped loving him and he is again overcome with a strange devotion to her. No one knows what God wants … if God wanted the Jews to live he wouldn’t have created Hitler Since no one else is asking these utterly apt questions–neither the religious nor the literary folks–Shosha is a sort of feeble prophetess; sinegr Warsaw sophisticates look on Hitler as proof of the Messiah’s imminent arrival–they believe that things are so bad that they singdr to get dramatically, redeemingly better.

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Perhaps that’s what this book is about: So far this doesn’t sound like I enjoyed the book much, does it?

Shosha (novel) – Wikipedia

singwr With the money Betty’s singee lover gives him, he rents a nice flat, sleeps with the maid. I’m going to read this again, trying to capture the mids Poland that my characters in my new novel are currently living in. Aaron grows up a scholar, barely able to support himself through writing and though an atheist Hebrew lessons. This was quite a tragic story, but the hope still was present at the end of the book, very quietly.

For those staying behind in Warsaw during the beginning of the Holocaust the general attitude was one of devotion and loyalty. Celia’s apartment is furnished with Jewish antiques: This page was shosga edited on 22 Octoberat He discovers that his old Jewish neighborhood has become a hotbed of illness, crime, and burgeoning Communism; he is drawn elsewhere. I don’t mind a lack of plot and somewhat unlikable characters. I closed my eyes and felt the warmth flowing from Shosha’s head to my face.