Hydranencephaly after Maternal Butane-gas Intoxication during Pregnancy . Hydranence’phalie apr.?s intoxication maternelle par le gaz butane durant la. Autoerotic Accident by Inhalation of Propane-Butane Gas Mixture Toxicologic investigations revealed an intoxication with propane and butane .. kan ve doku örneklerinde gaz komponentlerinin analizinin yap›labilmesi tan›. Butane is a colourless and flammable gas with a gasoline-like or natural gas This paper discusses the medico-legal approach for this type of intoxication.

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With increasing airborne concentrations above each AEGL, there is a progressive increase in the likelihood of occurrence and the severity of effects described for each corresponding AEGL. Although the initial high will last only a few minutes, the effects can continue for up to 40 minutes. A year-old boy who was known to inhale butane from a plastic bag had bilateral hemispheric infarcts Bauman et al.

All of the AEGL-3 values are greater than the lower explosive limit for butane in air of 19, ppm. The electrocardiogram showed T-wave inversion across the anterior chest leads. The 2-h LC 01 for mice isppm and the 4-h LC 01 for rats isppm. Most of the mice died during the second hour of exposure. No further details were given.

No further details were presented on actual exposure concentrations. No data other than that described in Sections 3. She was found comatose and needed resuscitation. An ultrasound at week 39 of the pregnancy showed an almost complete absence of brain tissue in the fetus. An infection screen for toxoplasmosis, rubella, have appeared if the necrosis had cytomegalovirus, herpes simplex, lntoxication and occurred earlier during fetal life or if the hepatitis B was normal.


Six dogs were exposed to butane for various durations to study its potency as a cardiac sensitizer Chenoweth No details on Butanr effects were presented for the higher exposure concentrations.

Suicide by Inhalation of Suffocative Gas

The three AEGLs are defined as follows: Repeated magnetic-resonance-imaging scans revealed disintegration of gray matter, increasing cerebral atrophy, and destruction of basal ganglia. Sudden death due to inhalation of these gases in abusers is the most gaa condition.

GABA A receptor positive modulators. Asphyxia due to oxygen deficiency by gaseous substances.

Three cases of sudden death due to butane or propane gas inhalation: The lungs were poorly aerated and the alveoli contained a number of squamous cells. Department of Public Health Sciences.

It is therefore concluded that any drowsiness associated with butane was of a very minor severity. When oxygen is plentiful, butane burns to form carbon dioxide and water vapor; when oxygen is limited, carbon soot or carbon monoxide may also be formed. Guinea pigs, 3 animals per every concentration-time combination.

Jpn J Legal Med ; No AEGL-1 effects at 10, ppm for 10 min. Inhalation of suffocative gas was determined to be the cause of death based on autopsy findings and the scene investigation. Butane concentration in exhaled breath decreased rapidly to less than 5 ppm, 20 min after exposure ended.

Several case reports of intentional butane exposure indicate that butane induces neurotoxicity.

Butane – Wikipedia

Database is relatively poor but the values are supported by the available animal data. A foul odorant such as ethanethiol is added before commercially presented. The cause of death was cardiac arrhythmia and lung edema.

Das Kind wurde mit 39 Wochen geboren. Quantitative data for setting AEGL values are sparse. Light anesthesia can be considered serious enough to impair escape, and could be intoication as basis for AEGL Shugaev exposed rats sex and strain not auu to varying concentrations of butane for 4 h. The animals were observed for 48 h after exposure. The mean butane concentration in the brain of dead mice at the LC 50 was 7.


Cerebral, renal and splenic lesions due to fetal anoxia and their relationship to malformations; pp. Results of lethality studies suggest that mice might be more sensitive than rats; mice had a shorter time to death and their 2-h LC 50 values were close to the 4-h LC 50 values in rats. Although case reports of butane exposure indicate potential for cardiac sensitization analogous to propanethis end point has not been studied.

These findings were compatible with hydranencephaly. In addition, it has been stated that gases which are relatively insoluble in blood increase rapidly toward equilibrium with the inhaled concentration and the less soluble in blood the faster the narcotic action of the gas Drummond Turn recording back on. The boy had undergone an operation for a cardiac ventricular septal defect at the age of The study description suggests that the concentrations reported were initial concentrations and that the animals were exposed in a closed-chamber setting.

Vol 10 No 3 Handbook of Chemistry and Physics.

Butane – Drug and Alcohol Information and Support in Ireland –

Estos hallazgos eran compatibles con hidranencefalia. Gross A, Klys M. The duration and concentration of butane exposure were not reported, nor was the amount of time that elapsed before resuscitation commenced.