The TRIGEN™ INTERTAN nail was designed as a trochanteric portal intramedullary nail especially shaped for fractures of the proximal femur. The. INTERTAN. Objectives. To compare the long-term functional and radiographic outcomes of the proximal femoral nail antirotation-Asia (PFNA-II) and. The goal of this study was to compare the outcomes of unstable trochanteric fractures treated with the InterTan nail (Smith & Nephew, Memphis, Tennessee) and.

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This study was reviewed and approved by the review board of the First Affiliated Hospital, Sun Yat-sen University, Guangzhou, China, and exemption for informed consent was obtained from the Investigational Ethical Review Board.

Find out more about our trauma products Get in touch with us or arrange a visit from a member of our team Go. Hip fractures in seniors: Nali do I ream with a 16mm reamer and the nail size is larger?

TRIGEN INTERTAN Nail | Smith & Nephew

Blood loss Subgroup analysis reported that no significant differences were found in IT vs. The dual screw option is ideal for unstable fractures or for those surgeons simply wanting enhanced confirmation of fracture reduction. J Bone Joint Surg A. International journal of clinical and experimental medicine. Shortening of the femoral neck following peritrochanteric fracture. Subgroup analysis indicated that no significant differences were found in IT vs.

Dynamic hip screw versus proximal femur locking compression plate in intertrochanteric femur fractures AO 31A1 and 31A2: No statistical heterogeneity was found between included studies, and we used fixed-effect model to explore heterogeneity. Six of 88 6.


Fixation and intraoperative compression of a peritrochanteric hip fracture year-old female, three-part peritrochanteric hip fracture. The primary outcomes included: A systematic review of RCTs.

How is INTERTAN different?

A call for health system reform. Both implants have a straight profile, but the clothespin distal tip closes slightly as it encounters the AP bow in the femur in order to reduce point stresses about the nail tip. All tests were two-tailed. The Treatment of Intertrochanteric Fractures: The resultant Z-Effect where the two screws move in opposite directions is one mode of failure for the conventional two screw reconstruction device.

Although the lateral cortex is very delicate and susceptible to fracture during surgery, fractures in the present study tended to occur in the initial 3 months in the PFNA-II group.

Six weeks postoperatively, the patients were permitted to ambulate with partial weight bearing. Femoral neck shortening Solution: Similar mortality rates in hip fracture patients over the past 31 years: This is the same orientation used in the testing of femoral stems for total joint replacement.

This has the advantage of lessening point stresses about the distal tip of the nail and reducing the possibility of fracture due to a stress riser at that location. Rueger Johannes; Moore Chris.

InterTan nail versus Gamma3 nail for intramedullary nailing of unstable trochanteric fractures. Nuchtern JV, integtan al. Excessive varus forces ijtertan on the smaller screw at the lateral cortex cause it to toggle and either back out or migrate through the femoral head into the acetabulum.


Meanwhile, moderate heterogeneity and risk of bias should be considered when interpreting these findings. There are still controversies about the optimal implant system to stabilize unstable intertrochanteric fractures, especially in the elderly patients with osteoporosis.

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Results of cephallomedullary nail fixation for displaced intracapsular femoral neck fractures. Excessive varus forces placed on the smaller screw at the lateral cortex cause it to toggle and either back out or migrate through the ihtertan head into the acetabulum.

Systematic Review of Clinical Evidence. The Treatment of Intertrochanteric Fractures: Do I have to use the integrated screws? Grading quality of evidence and strength of recommendations. The trapezoidal shape of the nail places more material at the lateral side of the implant where tensile forces are typically the strongest. Plain radiographs anteroposterior and lateral projections were assessed on the first postoperative day to check fracture reduction and implant position.