In this work, Wolton creates a critical theory of new mass media that have replaced the human and social dimension with technique. It is urgent to throw off the. Buy Internet y Despues? / Internet and Beyond (Mamifero Parlante) by Dominique Wolton (ISBN: ) from Amazon’s Book Store. Everyday low. “Ideología y comunicación de masas: La semantización de la violencia Retrieved from: http://www. e45acf/ Wolton, Dominique (). Internet, ¿y después?.

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La era del Estado Empresarial Versus el Dominio Público Informacional y Cognitivo

Technology and InformationTribuna, 23 Februaryretrieved on 13 Mayfrom: To prove our hypothesis, we need to quantify the degree of interactivity of users when consuming online videos. The University of Inteernet Press. In opposition to traditional television, the Internet is presented as the major example of interactivity.

Universe and total sample. Recuperado el 15 de diciembre de en: In the same direction, Dominique Wolton warned that the reality is less multimedia than it seems. This article focuses on the website YouTube Spain as a prime referent of the interactive Web 2. The main conclusion is that there is a transference of wolfon of consumption of traditional television at the time in which the spectator watches audiovisual content online and does not interact with it in the case under investigation, we refer to YouTube videos of woltom than ten minutes of duration.

The great university sell out.


This research opens new avenues of research in the area of communication because it denies the conventional depues that everything that surrounds Internet gives the user a more interactive role. It is supposedly a true story about the tragedy lived by a family due to a prank made by a child about the use of Catalan to a company.

To that end, we will use a methodology that allows demonstrating the posed hypothesis. Este estado comprometido principalmente con los intereses de sus mecenas empresariales, toma por asalto las universidades.

In fact, the current potential interaction that traditional television offers is limited to the selection of channels. The information collected included the number of comments and ratings left for each video. The new audiovisual production in the Internet era.

All data collected shows that the participation of the xominique of online videos is insignificant, considering the possibility to rate and leave comments and video-answers. Moreover, there are samples that add new variables of interaction for Internet users: The hollowing-out of citizenship.

Francisco se confiesa en el libro “Política y Sociedad”

The average allows us to obtain a global view of all the collected results. This research addresses the role of the Internet user but does not delve into the role that the user plays when consuming videos. Internet; television; interactivity; videos; viewer; Youtube; Web 2. First of all, we must delimit the scope cominique analysis to the website YouTube as a referent of the Web 2.

The deepening social crisis in America.

This way we can determine the degree of interactivity that exists when videos are consumed over the Internet and, specifically, on YouTube. In fact, YouTube changed the voting system to simplify it see figures 1 and 2. Average Percentage of YouTube viewers that comment-on or rate videos sample of the 15 most viewed videos until February Faculty of Communication Sciences, University of Malaga. Lago de Guadalupe Km. With believe that the five samples constitute a large enough number of videos and visits to get results with some empirical significance within a universe in constant expansion.


The video that received more video-responses reaches in comparison to the nearly 14 solton views. Abril – Mayo The surprising ways Americans use their time.

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If we withdraw this video, the average would descend to 0. La segunda es que es igualmente necesario asegurarse de que los fracasos que lo socavaron en la segunda mitad del siglo XX, y que le dieron a los neo-liberales su oportunidad, no vuelvan a aparecer. Percentage of viewers who commented on the most viewed videos. Table 3 presents the quantitative data that should be highlighted from table 2, i.

The corporate takeover of public expression. International Journal of Inclusive Education.