Ilija Garašanin: Ilija Garašanin, statesman and administrator of Serbia who was twice In he wrote a memorandum entitled Nac̆ertanije (“Draft Plan”). Abstract: The draft of Serbian foreign policy, written by Ilija Garasanin, still provokes In appendix is the new translation of Nacertanije by the author. An English translation is also available in P. N. Hehn, “The Origins of Modern Pan-Serbianism – The Nacertanije of Ilija Garasanin: An Analysis and.

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Ilija Garasanin’s “Nacertanije”

Pressed by Russia’s efforts to put him under its control for the sake of hers own interests in the Balkans, Prince Milos turned to Great Britain and France for support in conducting an independent foreign policy. It is true that sometimes she nacertanike to accept all who agree to serve her, but she does not employ them in anything, as some of them do not possess her confidence, so that such conduct of hers removes any possibility of deceiving her.

On tbe Policy of Serbia Towards Bosnia, Herzegovina, Montenegro, and Northern Albania When we take into closer consideration the topography and geographical position of these lands, togehter with the military traditions of their inhabitants, their mentality and ways of thinking, we will easily come to the conclusion nacerhanije this is the part of Turkey upon which Serbia can exert the greatest influence. Both also work in every way iljia forestall and prevent the emergence of another Nacertainje empire in place of the Ottoman Empire; for then, the fond hope and pleasant prospect would disappear for Russia of seizing and holding Constantinople, which has been her most cherished plan since Peter the Great; and Austria garaaanin then be in terrifying danger of losing her South Slavs.

His father and brother were politically engaged on the side of the so-called Ustavobranitelji Naceertanije. In his father and brother were killed in fights with knez Nacertaniej. You may find it helpful to search within the site to see how similar or related subjects are covered. Smith, National IdentityLondon, Penguinpp. Special scrutiny must be attached to the military condition of the country and people, such as its martial spirit, armament, the size and disposition of the regular army; the location of military stores and arsenals; the location of industries for wartime demands, such as food and armament; or where they come from and enter the country etc.

Prince Michael was, in this respect, her involuntary instrument, and she will, beyond any doubt, wish to return to her former plan which she has already started to effect through Prince Michael. For the present, the only route possible is the one which leads through Skadar [Scutari] to Ulcinj.


Ilija Garašanin

I would be sorry for nothing now save for not seeing some progress among our whole people and for not being able in some way to establish the internal government of Montenegro on a firm foundation, and thus I fear that after me there will come back nacertanijf Montenegro all those woes which existed before me, and that this small folk of ours, uneducated but militant and strong in spirit, will remain in perpetual misery. He considered that only great Yugoslav state can maintain its independence from both Russia and Austria.

Austria can only aspire to rule over the western provinces, while Russia can only aspire to conquer the eastern ones. If this is not the case then the blame garsanin, in part at least, upon Serbia herself, because she has not tried enough to win the friendship of these Serbs.

A Balkan Bismarckp. Historical Traditions Zach’s Planalthough imbued with an idealistic view of Slavism and South Slavic co-operation, seemingly alien to the views of the Constitutionalists, still had certain common ground with Serbia’s political traditions.

Not only that France and England would not be opposed to this, but they would even support it, nacertqnije the Porte gaasanin would not be opposed to it because its only harbour would prosper as a result. Austria and Russia know well enough that the Ottoman Empire as such will not enjoy a long future. Since the government of Prince Alexander [Karadjordjevic] does not possess the confidence of Russia, for it does not permit itself to be used as a blind tool, Russia is forced to work for the overthrow of the present government in order to establish another government which would enable her to achieve her goals.

Afterwards he submitted Nacertanije to Prince Alexander as a proposal for future national policy of the Serbian Principality. It is assumed as well that the leaders of the National Radical Party Narodna radikalna strankathe most numerous and influential political party in Serbia, also knew about Nacertanije and that its copy i,ija among them.

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The fact that Serbs made the major part of the population in Herzegovina and Bosnia, in the Military Frontier the “Yugoslav part”Banat, Srem and Slavonia, and a minority in Dalmatia and Croatia, was the starting point of all Serbian plans. Whenever the validity of this principle is in question, it is to the governement that the Bosnians and other Slavs should turn to for protection and every assistance.

It was written at a time shortly following the restoration of some political stability after more than a decade of internal strife: However, this observation must not prevent us from recognizing their true value, or lead us, which is worse still, to become contemptuous of them. Therefore, both states are making use of this opportunity to extend their borders as quickly as possible.

The internal order of the small Serbian Principality under the hereditary Obrenovic dynasty, although formally established by way of four Ottoman Hatti-sherifswas no less dependent on the will of the suzerain court than on the influence of the European powers that dominated the Balkans.


As during his first term as prime minister, he worked to modernize Serbia through enlightened legislation administered by an efficient bureaucracy.

At the bottom of the article, feel free to list any sources that support your changes, so that we can fully understand their context. Establishing a state in a predatory inter-state environment required suppressing individual liberties.

Leanings towards Russia were envisaged only in the event of a conflict with Constantinople. They should judge the political situation of the designated country, especially its political currents; garsaanin data which will enable better aquaintance with the people, their feelings and their innermost desires; but above all, they should indicate what must be considered as an already recognized and publicly expressed popular demand.

This obligation cannot be sufficiently emphasized. I have been very ill He is included in The most prominent Serbs. Help us improve this article! OpenEdition is a web platform for electronic publishing and academic communication in the humanities and social sciences.

[Projekat Rastko] Dusan T. Batakovic: Ilija Garasanin’s Nacertanije: A Reassesment

Aware of the fact that a common Illyrian name was unacceptable to the Serbs, and not only because it was artificial, he proposed that nacertanijf be kept in use, in the future, only in Austria. The Editors of Encyclopaedia Britannica. This is why the Serbian nation, its ethnicity and its statehood stand protected by a sacred historical right.

However, the Serbian public had at its disposal a very limited reading material both about Serbia’s past and contemporary situations. We do not wish to comment extensively on this subject, but shall limit ourselves merely to observe that Austria and Russia must play the principal roles in this event since they are neighbouring naxertanije contiguous powers.

Apart from the direct impact it had on the national policy of Serbia untill the creation of the common Yugoslav state inNacertanije was a cause of constant controversy. Naturally, all the other powers, under the leadership of France and England, are opposed to the expansion and enlargement of Russia and Austria. Stancic, “Problem “Nacertanija” Ilije Garasanina u nasoj historiografiji”, Historijski zbornikvol. From the moment of its publication, this document has been the focus of scholarly and political interest, provoking controversy and rival interpretations.

However, at the time Nacertanije was written, the majority of intelligentsia in Croatia was largely Germanized or Hungarianized, and the rural population was totally passive in the national sense.