Hey guys anybody have the latest Hirobo Sceadu Evo 50?. Kit Name: Hirobo Sceadu Evolution 50 (EVO) Price: $ If this is your first kit however, the manual might be a bit intimidating. This is not a knock on Hirobo. 50 ARF model (only) has Evolution spec OS50SX-H engine. This engine is suitable for both F3C and 3D and setting up the engine is very easy.

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Each Tail Blade Holder uses a single thrust bearing and radial bearing for exact rotational movement.

mahual A 50 size helicopter that fly’s like the EVO breeds confidence to learn new and difficult maneuvers without fear of breaking the bank after the occasional interlude with terra firma. I installed a Duralite mah battery and 5. The point is to keep them from vibrating. Slide the radius block on and then fit the head.

Don’t be afraid to experiment with different mixing arm, blade style, and paddle weight choices to see what works best for your style of flying. All 30 models have wood mm main blades.

Make sure you place the. Adjust the guides until you can rock the helicopter back and forth and the rod slides smoothly and hits the center of the balls and tighten hirobi the rod guides. Delrin crank lock and homemade fan tool. As an official vehicle of the Sochi Olympics, Volkswagen built specialized polar edition custom lifted Amarok vehicles u The gears are molded of extremely durable plastic for low cost and high reliability.

Insert the metal main rotor hub into the plastic head block and make sure the bolt holes are aligned. Note, in photo 40, the T lever for the collective has the single ball that goes to the collective pitch arm installed backwards, the ball goes towards the inside so it lines up with the collective pitch arm Step If you find that the hub is true and the start shaft at the base is true, measure it near the end of the start shaft.


Hirobo Shuttle Sceadu Evolution Instruction Manual Page 68

Photo 15 hirrobo the screws in this step and are marked with a red dot to save you some time staring at the drawing in the manual.

Put the two short bearing spacers into two of the remaining bearings and push these into the see saw with the flange towards the center.

I’ve found that the stock clunk line included with most kits does not hold up well to exhaust pressure from 30 percent helicopter fuel. The first thing I tested was throttle hold to make sure the engine settled into a reliable idle. We now mount the tail rotor and tail pitch change mechanism to the tail case. Keep an eye on it and replace it with a quality clunk line when needed. The tank is mounted in the rear for visibility as well. EVO 50 Video Large. Both worked perfectly so I restarted it and let it sit at a high idle for a minute or so then slowly advanced the throttle.

This is especially important if removing both the lead and brass weights from the paddles. Two clicks of right aileron trim were all that were required for hands off hover on a nearly windless but HOT 96F Florida day. Blow moulded for smooth round Lines and definitely shock resistant. Before going anywhere, I wanted to double check two radio settings that I had done by eye during throttle setup.

Hirobo Sceadu EVO

Another factor is blade choice, aggressive blades respond better to using the outer holes while more stable blades allow you use the inner holes without the EVO becoming pitchy in fast forward flight. The end of the main shaft that is knurled goes towards the rotor head it keeps the radius block from rotating on the main shaft and align the lower mast bolt Jesus bolt hole with the shaft.

Sceadu Evo parts – Optional parts colour chart for the Evo. Another tip for governor magnet installation is to drill a small hole from the dimple through the fan. The quick way to tell that you have the correct hole is look at the upper mast and lower mast bolts. A belt driven tail utilizing a lower friction belt is standard equipment. While we are here I’ll mention that the Sceadu fan has more vanes and an airfoil shape common in aftermarket upgrade fans.


Locktite and tighten the tail case screws. Mount the servos in the appropriate slots, mind the spine orientation and use the servo plates with no eyelets on the collective servo. The frames were moulded of a tougher material adding strength and making them more rigid. I also go over any sharp points with an artist brush dipped in clear nail polish.

If everything looks good, install a nut on the other bearing block screw and put a dab of locktite on the bolt clean them all with alcohol and tighten it, remove the other nut, locktite the threads and tighten it down. Install another set screw with locktite, remove the first, locktite and tighten it in place. If you try this step with a number 2 Phillips head screw driver, you are going to be in for some frustration.

Since RCUniverse is free of the space limitations of conventional print media, I have decided to do a complete build guide. On a breezy day the EVO is still rock solid. Step 30 has you mounting the tail rotor servo but I waited until I got here so I could make sure everything lined up.

With its distinctive looks, it is probably safe to say that the J-3 Cub is one of the most recognized and known airplanes in Use a paper towel to smooth out the decal and force the water and any air bubbles out.