Herculiner is intended to make the task relatively simple and and detailed instructions for priming your truck bed and applying the product. HERCULINER Brush-on Bed Liner is a polyurethane-based product that is designed to application instructions may have a negative effect on the end results. Herculiner provides detailed instructions with each kit. These, along with a little common sense, will ensure you don’t get painted into a corner.

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Herculiner FAQ

How can insfructions be applied? Herculiner provides detailed instructions with each kit. Herculoner can I remove Herculiner once it’s applied? Yes, the Herculiner Coating can be used on an array of surfaces from concrete to plastic as well as an undercoating to ramp coatings, etc.

First coat forms a good base. TORC events are a weekend long lifestyle where fans imerse themselves in their favorite pastime from morning to night. Because of its proprietary formula, Herculiner is able to bond to any type of material, including wood, aluminum, plastic, fiberglass, rubber, and even asphalt.

Next, we grabbed a hose and bucket and gave the bed a thorough scrub. You can use Xylene while product is still wet, but if it dries, it’s permanent. What is the material used in Herculiner?

And, like any good work truck, a toolbox and other assorted parts, pieces, and equipment have made the bed their home. Herculiner has a proprietary polyurethane and rubber formula. How tough is Herculiner? Yes — I prefer to receive occasional updates with special offers from carefully selected third party partners of Trucktrend Network.

Can you repair a section that has been damaged? Follow Truck Trend Network Facebook. More Photos View Slideshow. Paint tray and some rags Tape for masking off areas Q: To complement the new look and functionality of our bed, we decided to replace the old steel toolbox with a new gloss-black aluminum diamond-plate model from Delta.


Herculiner DIY Roll-on Bedliner Kit – How-to

Overall, we were quite pleased with the results and are confident our bed will now outlive the rest of the truck, no matter what we toss its way. Bed prep is key to a good-looking and long-lasting roll-in bedliner. It can withstand years of heavy duty use. Fortunately for truck owners, there are many options for protecting the bed, with the simplest and most common of these being the standard drop-in plastic liner.

This is one of indtructions most time-consuming steps, but also the most important. What is not included in a kit that will be needed to do the job right? The retail kit instructkons with 1 gallon of Herculiner, additional quarts are available for long beds or other applications. Water, dirt, or worse can easily get between the liner and bed, which can lead to rust.

Herculinner extreme cases, they can also become detached from the bed, ending up along the side of the highway.

Paint tray and some herfuliner Tape for masking off areas. This new box is lighter than the old steel version and has a single lid for better access. Thankfully, in the last decade, an alternative bed covering has come into the picture, providing excellent coverage and protection, great looks, and unmatched longevity.

What is included in a kit? Curing begins when Herculiner is exposed to atmospheric moisture.

The Delta inztructions provides plenty of space for tools, spare parts, and fluids. How much is the cost and in what size containers will it be available? RHM is a veteran Short Course team with over 19 years herculinet successful branding through short course off road racing in the Midwest. Through 12 years of Professional level racing Ross has garnered multiple podiums reached the pinnacle of success in the sport by claiming the Pro-2wd World Championship!


Herculiner DIY Roll-on Bedliner Kit – How-to

What is the average cost for a dealer installed spray-on bed liner? By subscribing you agree to the terms and conditions of our terms of use. Herculiner Bedliner Kit Black. Just instrutions to the Other Uses page and see what other surfaces you can apply it to. Therefore, with higher humidity, curing time is shorter.

We even mounted our Snow Performance water-methanol pump inside the box to protect it from the elements. With the Herculiner mixed well, the first areas that were coated were the corners of the bed, using the provided brush. What happens if I get Herculiner instructiona my hands? The races are packed with fender banging action from start to instructioons and the TORC open pits ensure the success of sponsor activation programs.

What surfaces will it bond to? What is the difference between Herculiner’s formula versus the other spray-on coatings out there? The hsrculiner owners did a good thing by opting for the factory drop-in plastic bedliner, which left us with a near pristine floor underneath. Herculiner is the number one brand of DIY roll-on bedliners — and for good reason.

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