HER LOVER SHORT STORY MAXIM GORKY A L E X E I M A X I M O V I C H P E S H K O V, P R I M A R I LY K N O W N A S M A X I M G O R K Y, WA. PDF | This paper debates three views in Maxim Gorky’s short story Her Lover. The first one is human loneliness, lack of communication. Her Lover. A Story. by Maxim Gorky. An acquaintance of mine once I lived on the top flight and her garret was opposite to mine. I never left my door open when .

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Open Preview See a Problem? When she compares herself to a dove, he almost can’t help laughing. And from thenceforth, regularly, twice a week, Teresa posted on my computer as Boles, and then as Teresa.

Some one came in. And one morning I was sprawling on my couch, trying to find some sort of excuse for not attending my class, when her door jer, and the bass voice of Teresa the loathsome resounded across the hall: One gorrky she asks her neighbor, Mr.

Her Lover by Maxim Gorky | Ghulam Mustafa –

And life grows easier for me in consequence. The more a human creature has tasted of bitter things the more it hungers after the sweet things of life. Halyna rated it liked it Dec 09, Russian Literature Maxim Gorky Internet.


Preview — Her Lover by Maxim Gorky.

We have been told this day after day for ages. I guess this is my first read of Gorky. Can our maxiim life hold a power of its own? Very much liked the voice of the narrator. She was a Mexican, named Teresa.

Her Lover by Maxim Gorky.

Maxim Gorky’s “Her Lover.”

I looked at her, and tried to make out which of us was taking leave of his or her senses. Alongside of me, not three yards away, lived a human creature who had nobody in the world to treat her kindly, affectionately, and this human being had invented a friend for herself!

Nevertheless, Teresa returns asking him to write another letter. I understood at last. At first he become surprised but later, he agrees. She was a tallish, powerfully- built brunette, with black, bushy eyebrows and a large coarse face as if carved out by a hatchet–the bestial gleam of her dark eyes, her thick bass voice, her cabman-like gait and her immense muscular vigor, worthy of a fishwife, inspired me with horror.

But what’s that to you? The narrator described her as ” a tallish, powerfully-built brunette, with black, bushy eyebrows and a large coarse face as if carved out by a hatchet. Read with the group. Quotes from Her Lover. The moment in which the student realized the error of his ways seemed very honest to me.


[Premiere] “Her Lover” By Maxim Gorky – Morning Short –

I actually rather liked the voice in the story Failed attempt to portray the pains of a lonely woman and a boy who forms am opinion of the woman merely by glancing at the facade. Soon after, she asks him to write a letter, as a young man, to his girlfriend, Teresa.


Am I then not a human creature like the rest of them? Thanks for telling us about the problem. I must say that I quite liked this story, brief as it was. To ask other readers questions about Her Loverplease sign up. He holds her in disdain, and actively avoids her.