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Subject: Amendment in Para of HBP v.1, In exercise of powers conferred under Para of the Foreign Trade Policy, , the Director General. Subject: Amendment of HBP Vol I (RE )/ In exercise of the powers conferred under Paragraph of the Foreign Trade Policy. Para of the Hand Book of Procedure Volume 1 (HBP v1) permits Policy Circulars earlier issued in terms of Para of HBP are also.

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Amendments in Handbook of Procedures Amendment in Appendix 2 of the Handbook of Procedure Vol. Consequently, EO would be re-fixed. Operationalisation of the Public Notice No. I Appendices and Aayaat Niryat Forms. Amendment in the Hand Book of Procedures, Vol. Final findings recommends imposition of definitive anti-dumping duty.

Amendment in Hand Book of Procedures While calculating Average Export Obligation, following types of exports even if made in the preceding 3 years will not be taken into account: Corrections in Public Notices No.


Amendments, in the Handbook of Procedures vol.

Latest DGFT Public Notices.

Deletion of Para 2. Procedure for Incremental Exports Incentivisation Scheme. Postponement of the date of operationalisation of Public Notice No. Corrigendum to Public Notice No. Amendment in Paragraph of 1. Amendment in Hand Book of Procedures I — Addition of Para 3. Value Addition under Advance Authorization Scheme for the authorization issued prior to Option to close cases of default in Export Obligation.

Amendment in Para 4.

Relaxation of condition for fulfillment of export obligation in respect of consignments of gold articles. E in the Handbook of Procedures V.

Latest DGFT Public Notices. | DGFT

Services allotted to SEPC. This issues with the approval of DGFT. I updated as on 5th June. Application for technological upgradation of the capital goods would be made in ANF5A.

Amendment in paragraph 4. The applicant would be required to indicate export products proposed to be exported under the authorization. Amendment in the Public Notice No. Online Export Import Data Search.


I — for benefits on exports made on or after 1. In such cases EPCG authorization shall not specify list of spares but shall indicate: Amendment in Para 8. I Appendices and Aayaat Niryat Forms.

Latest Public Notice

Such certificate from central excise regarding non-availing of Hhp credit will not be required where the unit is not registered with central excise. Deferment in the date of effect of the procedure for export of certified organic products of Public Notice No.

Karaikal Union territory of Puducherry.