View Homework Help – Harnischferger Case from ACG at Florida International University. Harnischfeger Corporation 1. Describe clearly the accounting. Agenda Case Facts Strategy Analysis Accounting Analysis. Directions Read the “Harnischfeger Corp” case study and answer the following questions. Submit your completed assignment no later than the last day of Week .

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Change in the fiscal year for some foreign subsidiaries. As can be seen, Harnischfeger seems to have succeeded in implementing its strategy effectively.

Now we have decided to change this. Less assets were available for benefits; therefore, more income was reflected in the financial statements, which contributed to the cash to pay debt obligations. The reduction in benefits and wedges were significant from to From one side that decision could help the company to rebuild the trust of customers corporatkon suppliers for continuing in business.

President To improve our future operating results, we restructured our three operating divisions into January 31, two groups. No income tax benefits were available has adequate liquidity to meet its current for the losses of the U. Grade’s appointment was necessitated by the early retirement of the previous vice president of finance in Inventory reductions inand resulted in a liquidation of LIFO inventory Note 11 quantities carried at lower costs compared with the current cost of their acquisitions.

Such earnings, if operations for which only a partial federal tax distributed, would incur income tax solugion benefit was available in However, the evidence presented in these studies is not conclusive.

Low High cost of corporatjon economies of scale High capital investment required Access to distribution channels is difficult Threat of new entrants is higher for ITG Treat of Substitute Products: Other actuarial gains, Effective August 1,the Corporation including higher than anticipated investment terminated the existing plan and established a results, more than offset the additional new plan which is substantially identical to pension costs resulting from plan changes and the prior plan except for an improvement in interest charges on balance sheet accruals in the minimum pension benefit.

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Under stuyd agreement, Kobe agreed to supply Harnischfeger’s requirements for construction cranes for sale in the United States as Harnischfeger phased out its own manufacture of cranes.

Harnischfeger Corporation – ppt video online download

Discussion of Question 2 The above analysis shows that most, if not all, of the reported profits of Hxrnischfeger in are produced by accounting changes. Depreciation is a method that reduces the value of capital assets over time Switch from accelerated to straight line retroactively Revenues Less: This change should report higher profits in the coming years.

We will write a custom essay sample on Harnischfeger Corporation specifically for you. The company went public in and was listed on the New York Stock Exchange. The instructor should ask the class to identify the latter-type decisions among the above.

Auth with social network: He is customer inventories for the last three years. As a result of the review of its depreciation policy, the Corporation, effective November 1,has changed its estimated depreciation lives on certain U.

Price Waterhouse, the company’s audit firm, qualified its audit opinion on Harnischfeger’s annual report with respect to the outcome of the company’s negotiations with its lenders. Internal pricing tied to external reporting numbers. The Pension Plans and Other Postretirement effect of these liquidations was to increase net Benefits income by 2.

For tax provided either through the pension plans or reporting purposes, the asset reversion will be separate group insurance arrangements. Why do you think the management of Harnischfeger made these accounting changes? Substantially all of the restructuring is included in Accrued Pension Corporation’s current Codporation.

The impact of the new method on Outstanding long-term debt payable to income for the year before the unaffiliated lenders was as follows in cumulative effect was insignificant. To use this website, you must agree to our Privacy Policyincluding cookie policy. On January 6,the company entered into agreements with its lenders to restructure its debt obligations into three-year term loans secured by fixed sllution well casr other assets, with a one-year extension option.


The earlier philosophy of this company was to choose the conservative alternative whenever there was a choice. To get a unique essay Hire Writer. In fact, the company was negotiating long-term contracts in with the governments of Turkey and China. Goessel to our U. Harnischfeger received a takeover offer from Columbia Ventures, Inc.

Energy-related projects, which had been a major source of business of our Construction Equipment Division, have slowed significantly in the last year as a result of lower oil demand and subsequent price decline, not only in the U.

Also, the company continued to liberalize its financial reporting policies.

Harnischfeger Corporation

For stock prices to reflect reality in an unbiased manner, it is not necessary that everyone in the market has to process the information correctly. Also, profit margin dropped from 1. Electric mining shovels and excavators constituted the principal products of the Mining and Electrical Equipment Division of Harnischfeger.

The worldwide recession in the early s caused a significant drop in demand for the company’s products starting in and culminated in a series of events that shook the financial stability of Harnischfeger.

Corporation and certain of its subsidiaries. Feedback Privacy Policy Feedback. Change in the depreciation methods on assets. Such taxes are not provided on subsidiaries’ unremitted Depreciation of plants and equipment is earnings which are intended to be provided over the estimated useful lives of the permanently reinvested. Concurrent with the above cost reduction measures, the corportion management made some strategic decisions to reorient Harnischfeger’s business.

The condensed balance sheet of Cranetex, Inc. Holt Solutionn, Harnischfeger Engineers, Inc. Download ppt “Harnischfeger Corporation”.