Questions Response Code. Activity at Work. Q1. Does your work involve vigorous -intensity activity that causes large increases in breathing or. GPAQ: a survey tool to help practices improve their services to patients. The GPAQ questionnaire fulfills the requirements for the practice patient survey, GP. The WHO-endorsed Global Physical Activity Questionnaire (GPAQ) has been widely used in developing countries, but the evidence base for its.

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Surveillance of risk factors for non-communicable diseases: The overall correlation was 0.

Third, China and South Africa used accelerometers as the criterion measure for urban samples and the coefficient between GPAQ total PA across all domains and accelerometer moderate-intensity counts per minute were 0. There are 12 different employment grades from the highest grade e. In the Bland-Altman plot a clear pattern of questiobnaire error was detected with increased average of PA for rural and urban participants.

Consent for publication Not applicable. Compendium of physical activities: The device was worn at waist level above the hip of the left side. Calibration questionjaire the computer science and applications, questionnaige. Because accelerometers do not measure water-based and non-ambulatory activities, this may have contributed to the poor correlations found in males. More accurate measurement of SB may be provided by using a multiple item domain-specific questionnaire [ 2443 ].

GPAQ is an acceptable measure for physical activity surveillance in Bangladesh particularly for urban residents, women and people with high education. We used the GPAQ scoring protocol [ 21 ] to create the following indicators: It could be better explained if we know the pattern of activities of rural Bangladesh where PA varies with seasonality.

Prevalence of diabetes and prediabetes and their risk factors among Bangladeshi adults: Open in a separate window.

Validity of the global physical activity questionnaire (GPAQ) in Bangladesh

Accelerometer To investigate the criterion validity we chose the Actigraph GT3X accelerometers as objective sensor-based activity monitors to provide the criterion measure. The current study found the volume of sedentary behaviour SB was greater when measured by the accelerometer than by the GPAQ.

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Each participant was then fitted with an accelerometer and shown how to remove and re-wear the device. We excluded participants with chronic medical conditions that restricted their usual activity, those with mental retardation, those who were unwilling to participate and pregnant women.

Nevertheless, accelerometers have their limitations.

There were no significant differences in the age by gender distribution. Rethinking our approach to physical activity. Conclusion GPAQ is an acceptable measure for physical activity surveillance in Bangladesh particularly for urban residents, women and people with high education.

International physical activity questionnaire: Non-communicable disease risk factor survey Bangladesh Physical activity levels in Bangladeshi adults: Accelerometers are questkonnaire as more accurate than self-report for measuring time spent in different intensities and therefore used as criterion in validation of subjective self-report questionnaires [ 22 ].

The World Health Organization WHO has therefore promoted the development of PA surveillance tools in order to evaluate public health interventions and policies [ 56 ] aimed g;aq reducing the burden of non-communicable diseases NCDs [ 7 ].

We have presented correlations for total sample and by subgroup. Such a study should include purposive sampling of all education levels to ascertain the extent to which education level is associated with better performance. On the other hand, over-reporting with activity questionnaires is ubiquitous as they are prone to biases such as recall and social desirability [ 4546 ].

First, the rural samples Ethiopia, Indonesia and India had better coefficients rho: Physical activity PA is a key behavioural factor for maintaining health and well-being at individual and population levels [ 1 — 3 ].

Hence, we suggest that in the introduction of the questionnaire the typical week should be referenced to the typical week of the season or asking about the past week, as is the case in many surveillance questionnaires. Author information Article notes Copyright and License information Disclaimer.


Additionally, we followed WHO guidelines for administering the GPAQ, provided intensive training on data collection staff and questtionnaire supervision during data collection to minimize avoidable sources of measurement error.

Validity of the global physical activity questionnaire (GPAQ) in Bangladesh

Yet, the coefficients for the illiterate groups, in both places, were better than those with primary and high-school education. Given waist worn accelerometers do not capture the typical PA in rural context; further study using a physical activity diary and a combination of multiple sensors e.

Published online Aug This may indicate that lowering the cut-point may improve the indicators for GPAQ validity. Validity of two self-report measures of sitting time.

In pgaq of education, the patterns of the correlations were inconsistent and did not follow gradient, however, higher correlation was found in tertiary education group than other groups. DM designed the study, carried out the data analysis and interpretation. For example, the Freedson determination of moderate and vigorous PA accelerometer cut points were based on walking and running on a treadmill [ 25 ] and are unlikely to capture the intensity associated with walking carrying heavy loads or on vpaq surface as is common in rural areas of developing countries such as Bangladesh and thus accelerometer may underestimate total MVPA in these populations [ 37 ].

J Phys Act Quesrionnaire. Valid accelerometer data i. Glob Health Action2. Additionally, in the 12 countries study validation of the short International Physical Activity Questionnaire IPAQthe pooled validity correlations against accelerometers was found to be 0.