LOUIS BRAWLEY didn’t want me to call this week’s entry a “teaching”. extraordinary memoir of his days with U.G. Krishnamurti, Goner: The. Louis Brawley met UG Krishnamurti in and spent the following five years travelling with him in the USA, India and Europe keeping a. We are excited to welcome artist Louis Brawley to Scripps campus for of 89 and Louis spent the next three years writing a book called Goner.

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I louie UG is best when you just let him sink into you, it seems he was kind of like life through osmosis. He always pointed out that when what ever happened to her happened to her, her menstrual cycles stopped. Hey, thanks for the Goon song Branko! I have nothing against gone this or any other book and wish you well in your endeavor. How lucky u are!!

That may not mean a thing to other people, but I liked that about UG.

Well, I think yoga is much more effective and I agree with J. I left a message earlier, but thankfully you gave the option to post it or not. It was totally new, and not new like a new object presented to the little boy.

Hi Ronald I just read your comment and could not resist a reply. I hope, since you have been so near to him, that you could give me a little more insight. Like everyone else, I got fascinated by U. I got the feeling he was trying very forcefully to communicate something that politeness and reason had so far failed to. I was perplexedin a very confused way, because up till then everything had been perceived and sensed without this new sense of me.


I know I have seen him laughing in some of the videos I vrawley seen of him, so I would assume louie had a sense of humor, well just wondering…Philip. The physical demands on the body can help shift things around. First read UG,s books 12 years back. This gets sort of heavy handed already. I do brawwley want it to end.

A Blog about the book called Goner: The Final Travels of UG Krishnamurti | louisbrawley

But running through it all, Silent witness of the mystic chords Of the present, In which we and the silence share, both darkness and light, Gkner the citadel of U. Are you up for talking to me about writing in this UG fog that obscures my old reasons to write? He made himself available to people wherever he went from dawn to dusk.

After UG died I spent a lot of time researching his background as I wrote my book about him. I like the Bidi Quote Branko.

Goner: The Final Travels of UG Krishnamurti

Lol did he get a little crass in his old age? UG had friends who suffered from depression, insomnia, anxiety, the usual tortures of the social animal.

And sorry to say but i envy you seriously! Books by Louis Brawley. Freedom from addiction is available in the one place that’s the most difficult for an addict to be-the present moment. As an undergrad he was exposed to the Eastern Religions through the Zen paintings of ancient China and the teachings of Jiddu Krishnamurti, who modernized the Advaita Vedanta school of philosophy, the basic tenet of which is the ending of knowledge.


If I keep wanting another hit of that taste of freedom. Hi Lokkur, if you send me your email address, I can send you an mp3 clip that I think is extremely useful for anyone who wants to eliminate much or all of what can have a person chasing their own tail forever what U.

I never tire of listening to that sound, that barking of the dog. Man, who knew that could happen? I did not realize that by so doing it was not the thing I was bringing to life, but the sense of myself. I am in no position lohis speak to what UG may have meant by anything. Once again I shall attempt to enter the flames that you keep stoking on Louos.

So, let me amend that: And yet, there is such a strong smell of freedom in the air. Age is Just a Number by Charles Eugster. In that video I agree Bhatt because I feel frustration sometimes, inside my body.