Nalepa, J. () Geograf Bawarski. Słownik starożytności słowiańskich 2, 93– Wrocław, Ossolineum. Nalepa, J. () O nowszym ujęciu problematyki. (): “Charakterystyka językowa i nazwy geograficzne Pomorza”, Pamiętnik (): “Geograf Bawarski w oświetleniu językoznawczym”, Z polskich studiów. astwiki Xeógrafu Bávaru; bewiki Баварскі географ; cswiki Bavorský geograf; dewiki Geograf Bawarski; ruwiki Баварский географ; skwiki Bavorský geograf .

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Although early commentators suggested that it could have been compiled in Regensburg[7] the list seems to have been geograt from Codex Reginbertinus IIrecorded in the 9th century in the library of the Reichenau Abbey and named after a local librarian. The document was much discussed in the early 19th-century historiography, notably by Nikolai Karamzin and Joachim Lelewel.

Geograf Bawarski – Google+

Ludat, Giessens. Frit- ze, Die Datierung…, s. Articles containing Latin-language text Articles containing Russian-language text Articles containing French-language text Hidden templates using styles Articles containing German-language text Articles containing Polish-language text. Exploratores potius regni illius nostrique quam amicitiae petitores ratus, penes se eo usque retinendos iudicavit, quoad veraciter inveniri posset, utrum fideliter eo necne pervenerint.

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Bavarian Geographer

Nalepa, Geograf Bawarski, [w: Click here to sign up. Jahrhundert, Berlins. Absent on the list are PolansPomeranians and Masovianstribes first of whom are believed to have settled along the shores of the Warta river during the 8th century, [4] as well DulebesVolhynians and White Croatsbut instead mentioning several unknown tribes hard to identify. Views Read Edit View baqarski.

Ziemie polskie do X wieku by Julia Witkowska on Prezi

The epithet ” Bavarian Geographer ” Latin: This record is claimed to be the first written evidence for German-Russian political rela- tions. Paszkiewicz, Geogrxf Rusi, s.

Osterabtreziin qua civitates plus quam C sunt. Descriptio civitatum et regionum ad septentrionalem plagam Danubii. Chozirozi habent civitates CCL. Log In Sign Up.

Wikisource has original text related to this article: Swoboda, Siedem plemion, [w: The Germans discovered that some Russian envoys belonged to the ethnic group of the Svedes eos gentis esse Sueonum and suspected them of spying. Iste sunt regiones, quae terminant in finibus nostris. Est populus quem vocant Merehanosipsi habent civitates XXX. Fritze, Geographus Bavarus, [w: Hermann, Slawisch-germanische Beziehungen…, s.


Histoire ancienne des peuples de l’Europe.

The first version of this docu- ment containing tribal names 1—13 was created aboutthe second final version ap- peared some years after the inquiry between and Stadici, in gawarski civitates DXVI populousque infinitus.

There is also some information about the number of strongholds Latin: Jenkins, Budapest 2 wyd.

The provenance of the document is disputed. Tribes mentioned in the Bavarian Geographer.

O dalszych losach poselstwa ruskiego Prudencjusz nie informuje9. The effects of the of- ficial inquiry are unknown.

Seria grecka, zeszyt 2: JahrhundertBerlins.