24 heavenly stems-. 1. palm strike 2. rising punch 3. throat grab 4. head guard palm strike 5. circular deflect and hammer fist 6. horizontal chop. Gao Bagua zhang was developed by Gao Yisheng, also named Gao Deyuan, was born in Shandong province, Wuli county, Dashan village in and died in . But I once read that Gao Style Bagua differs from other Bagua styles in that it emphasize both circular and linear training, in contrast with Zheng.

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Join Date Dec Location berkeley, california Posts This article needs additional citations for verification. Zhou was a talented student of Cheng Tinghua. Results 1 to 14 of Guanghua Baguazhang as practiced in the Wu Mengxia line consists of “major exercises”. Gao Yisheng simplified Chinese: Accordingly, his Baguazhang changed and developed baguashang well. Thanks for the info, Maoshan!

Gao Style Baguazhang

That way you can flow from one thing to another real quick. These students and schools show the progression of Gao baguazhahg a martial artist.

Join Date Dec Bagauzhang syracuse, nyusa Posts You can read about the Gao style syllabus below, and I will continue to add videos as my classmates and I make them. You can also draw from the Gao style syllabus, use LPS Loaded progressive stretchingdevelop ground mobility and many other disciplines. To avoid the police Gao fled to Wu Ching village outside Tianjin city.

Additionally there are also has classic songs for the system to complement the major movements. The Gao style system, because of Gao’s own martial progression over time, can be found to have a number of different permutations, represented in various lineages.


Gao Yisheng – Wikipedia

The Mountaintop no height eschews; The Sea eschews no fao. Not all of the lineages have all of the levels. While it is possible to derive applications from them directly, they are primarily concerned with developing power through different planes of motion.

After 3yrs with this teacher he had only learned the single palm change and wouldn’t teach any faster so Gao left.

This page was last edited on 10 Augustat The time now is Via Media Publishing Company. Many of the BaGua people only learned two or three weapons of each style due to political events. But it seems to me that you misunderstood my words; I didn’t say Gao Yisheng learned Yin style, I said Gao learned both circular and linear methods.

His innovation and impact on Bagua as a fighting art cannot be underestimated. By baguazhag this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. During his childhood his family baguzhang was lost so they moved to Wu Ching County, Shaogao township in Hebei province to find employment.

Gao Yisheng

Wu Jin-Yuan was Gao’s first disciple. Gao learned the eight xian tian palms, weapons forms and applications. And the Duke of Zhou spat out his meal An Empire’s trust to keep. Gao baguazhanng him but injured him so badly he died three days later. Train the arm winding, the leg twisting, the waist turning piece by piece.


Gao was refining and creating sets until he died. In fact, Tim quit teaching Gao style bagua publically because no one trained gaao enough or hard enough to learn the whole thing.

Anyone who taught martial arts in Tianjin City had to have real fighting skill.

The 64 Hands of Bagua Zhang: Styles of Chinese martial arts List of Baugazhang martial arts. It is not difficult to imagine that Gao had learned some of them from Cheng or Zhou. At age thirty, inGao met Zhou Yuxiang. Guanghua Bagua in the Wu Mengxia line does not have the eight “static” or neigung palms found in many Cheng family Bagua styles. I’ve met Ba-Gua people who felt that it was too confusing. But I once read that Gao Style Bagua differs from other Bagua styles in that it emphasize both circular and linear training, in contrast with Zheng Style Bagua is more circular and Yin style which is more linear in nature.

Cao Cao, Martial Emperor of Wei. Retrieved from ” https: I can’t remember his first teacher, but it was an external style that stressed the elbows.

So as a student of I-Bagua you will have certain key skills and movements to develop.