Capitalism has ratings and 70 reviews. Ahmad said: Capitalism: A Very Short Introduction (Very Short Introductions #), James Fulcher This Introd. Capitalism: A Very Short Introduction outlines the history and development of James Fulcher, author James Fulcher is Senior Lecturer in Sociology at the. examines the different forms that capitalism has taken, from the merchant capitalism of the Capitalism: A Very Short Introduction (2nd edn). James Fulcher.

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Industrial capitalism not only created work, it also created leisure in the modern sense of the term. My library Help Advanced Book Search.

Capitalism: A Very Short Introduction – Very Short Introductions

Sign in with your library card. Page 1 of 1 Start over Page 1 of 1. The situation became worse as international competition combined with demands for protection to generate a national protectionism that erected barriers to world trade.

It isn’t hard to define capitalism, it is an economic system based on increasing wealth by investing wealth. Ingham, Capitalism Polity, I. Earth Sciences and Geography. Capital is money that is invested in order to earn more money. I then became particularly interested in the distinctive features of Japanese society and the intriguing question of how the Japanese were able t My main interest has been in the comparative study of the development of societies.

Friday, July 11, Book Review: Where did capitalism come from? He discusses the crisis tendencies of capitalism, such as the Southeast Asian banking crisis, the collapse of the Russian economy, and the global financial crisis, and asks whether capitalism is doomed. Don’t, however, skip the writings on capitalism that the writer talks about, as you will want to read Adam Smith and other key figures to gain a proper understanding.

Is capitalism the same everywhere? Is there an alternative? Fulcher then turns his attention to historical capitalist developments outside Britain. He cannot see the impenetrable wall of limitation for the blizzard of dollars that obscure its approach.


State Capitalism Joshua Kurlantzick. Workers began to pay for leisure activities organised by capitalist enterprises. Financial businesses resist regulation and any attempt to do this comes up against the argument that banks can easily move to another country, taking jobs and tax revenue with them.

Low rates of interest linked to an ample supply of money from the surplus economies of the Far East encouraged lending and borrowing-hence the house-market bubble and the sub-prime crisis, which resulted from the indiscriminate lending of money to people who could not possibly pay it back. Publications Pages Publications Pages. Fulcher reminds the reader that “Economic leadership shifted from Italy to Germany and Flandersthen to Holland, and only later to Britain.

Capitalism: A Very Short Introduction

All of this gets no attention by Fulcher before the last page of his text where he says my comments in parentheses: But if you are hoping to get a grasp on what capitalism is, what it means, how it works and what capitaliam history actually means, you are better off reading the wikipedia page.

Does Capitalism have a Future? A good introduction to the origins of capitalism going from anarchic to managed to remarketized capitalism and the present day. He mentions a negative argument about why capitalism didn’t develop outside Europe, since a centralized state bureaucracy in other fullcher societies provided other, “easier ways to become rich and powerful than through the accumulation of capital and the management of labor.

Lehmann Brothers was allowed to go bankrupt. How did we get here? A Very Short Introduction Paperback. Flcher had produced the conditions in which the crisis of could capiitalism and run out of control.

As the investment of money to make more money, capitalism has long existed but it was when production was financed in this way that a transformative capitalism came into being. He argues “it is quite wrong to seek the origins of capitalism solely in Britain” 31 citing developments such as the international cloth trade and mining, financiers such as the Fuggers of Augsburgjoint-stock corporations, bills of exchange and book keeping and movements of flucher as important milestones achieved partially outside of the British Isles.


The Author introduces capitalism right from the point of its inception in its cradle in Europe and various factors which led to its rise and spread which I personally found to be very enlightening, however, later it gets a lot thicker and complex when the author moves on to describe managed capitalism and globalisation. In the end, the author ruminates on a possible flucher to capitalism, discussing socialism, communal and cooperative experiments, and alternatives proposed by environmentalists.

Time became a battleground, with some unscrupulous employers putting clocks forward in the morning and back at night. Is capitalism everywhere the same? Recurrent crises are, however, one of the characteristic features of capitalism and to understand them we need to step back and consider the nature of the capitalist system. How free is wage labour? May not even use.

In the end, the author ruminates on a possible alternative to capitalism, discussing socialism, communal and cooperative experiments, and alternatives proposed by environmentalists.

Asian banking crisis, This Introduction explores the origins of capitalism and questions whether it did indeed originate in Europe. Most have never experienced the depression, many have forgotten the days when communism was actually a fulcer.

Feb 06, Sean Goh rated it it was ok. The basic mechanisms and the history are still there, of course, but it would have been interesting to see whether Fulcher thinks the current crisis would warrant some qualifications to the argument. Since the stock market prices of companies change, as their economic situation and profitability changes, there are inevitably opportunities for speculating on future price movements.

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Public Health and Epidemiology. How would you explain the crisis of ?