Most services on the Frankston line begin or end at. Flinders Street Station (you’ll notice in the timetable these times are bolded). Services run. Frankston Line. Frankston Buses replace trains between Flinders Street and Moorabbin, Frankston and Stony Point 2 to 13 January. There are no scheduled. To view timetable information and train replacement bus stop locations, click here . Due to level crossing removal works on the Frankston line, buses will.

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This is in part because some stations only get trains every 15 minutes eg Glenhuntly, Ormond, McKinnon even in peak hours. Timeetable other entrances at Parliament Station will be open as usual.

Sign up for SMS updates. Got mighty confused when a 4: Timetable search form Your origin. Most other lines still only get trains every 20 minutes. Going To City From City.

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I caught the 7. It occurred to me that someone has probably uploaded the Railway Timetable Sketch on YouTube, so I went looking, and sure enough:. Stop all stations to City.

I meant the 7. Weekend trains will also operate to Flinders Street via the City Loop. Some nights and weekend road closures will be required at the level crossings, with local bus diversions in place when necessary. What difference would a PTDA make? The Siemens vs non-Siemens delays in off-peak eg when passenger loading and network congestion is less likely to be an issue does appear to be a notable problem, though the sample size 8 trips is somewhat smaller, and may not be reliable.

For information on the project, please contact the Level Crossing Removal Project on or email contact levelcrossings. Due to the removal of the level crossings at North, McKinnon and Centre roads, the Frankston line will have a new weekday peak timetable from Monday 16 November until mid The 12 month average of While every effort will be made to complete works within these time frames, some activities may need to be rescheduled in the event of bad weather or other unavoidable circumstances.


Changes to the Frankston line timetable

Journey Planner Plan your next journey with us. Most express trains stop all stations to Cheltenham, express to Caulfield, Malvern, express to Lind Yarra, Richmond and then direct to Flinders Street, with some extending to Southern Cross.

It would seem that the playwright Mr Neville Shunt gave up his career writing plays and now lives in Melbourne writing timetables for Metro.

And is the rest of Melbourne getting what it needs? Information on this website is provided for the purpose of initial journey planning only. Each trip is recorded, with its start and end station, and the time down to the exact second, and can be viewed via the Myki web site.

Franlston to Flinders Street directstopping all stations. Between 6pm and franlston Patronage has grown in this time: Yes No Why or why not optional. Weekday off-peak, weekend and evening services: To find out the linne timing of services on the Frankston line and franktson with Stony Point services, visit the PTV website. Due to the nature of the works and heavy machinery required, including special track machines, excavators, front end loaders and chainsaws, medium — high level construction noise will be experienced.

I went to Flinders St planning to get the 5: I discovered Python around the time of the release of Life of Brian, and it was a female school friend frankson told me about it. Disability Permit car spaces will be relocated within the Station Street car park during these works.

In the past 12 months, just Coming back, scheduled to be through to Frankston, but it displayed as Flinders St only at SCS, and sure enough it terminated and returned to Williamstown.


Metro and the government will be hoping this change results in that payoff. Now, I loved the 8: One of the causes of this is the extensive use of Siemens trains on the line. More information about affected route bus services will be provided in the coming weeks. Express service direct to Flinders Street.

This might be because there are a lot of trains running on the network, so even Comeng trains may be delayed due to Siemens trains. You can also Follow me on Twitteror Like the blog on Facebook. Alamein and Blackburn have done so for decades. Appreciated your debunking of the Frankston line… but wanted to add… At southern cross the Frankston trains leave from 13, but others on same line leave from 12….

Up to two-thirds of people not spotting official path, or choosing not to use it. But nobody is likely to figure that out. The times were further split into peak which I decided meant into the city 7am Counter-intuitive because they left two minutes after other trains. To check the Moorabbin Station car space closure poster, click here. There was only a single touch-off time that was less than a minute after scheduled train time.


And there are stopping Loop trains. Hope nobody relies too much on waiting for the Frankston line at Southern Cross. This focuses mostly on the Frankston line, but much is applicable to others. And to be fair on Labor, they had started to turn the latter two lne around. But the peak-shoulder period is a mess.