Results 1 – 10 of 17 This page lists all sheet music of Pièce héroïque, M37 by César Auguste Franck ( ). Franck Piece Heroique. By César Franck, Marcel Dupré, Artist. • 4 songs. Play on Spotify. 1. Piece Heroique. 2. Chorale No. 1 In E Major. . View credits, reviews, tracks and shop for the Vinyl release of Pièce Héroïque / Three Chorales on Discogs.

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He evidently assumed that, by adding the slur, all the repeated notes would still be tied. His slurs, which are not comprehensively marked, indicate phrasing as well as legato.

Langlais was adamant about both of these requirements. The old style swell lever could rest in the fully closed position and could be locked into two further positions: Franck s metronome markings seem high and various theories other than the face value theory have been developed to suggest that his organ works should be played at a slower tempo than his metronome markings would suggest.

Many experts and connoisseurs will, for example, be aston- ished when, on the last beat of bar 52 in the Chorale in B minor, I play C, and not C sharp as we know it, but closer investigation re- veals that the [change] to C sharp was made by Gigout after Franck s death. Programmatic Chart Chapter Eight: One question which arises is whether the swell pedal may be used in Franck s works in addition to the places so marked by the composer.

This had to be done by hand on Franck s console. The trill and turn in the left hand may, in the opinion of the present author, be conveniently played as a five note ornament and at bars 26 and 69 and perhaps have to be if a brisk tempo is adopted.

Ac- cess to the organ gallery and to the organ itself is gained by a stone spiral staircase, the entrance to which is outside the main doors of the basilica. In a quiet flute melody the detachment might be slight but where the melody is on the swell trumpet the detachment might be up to one- half of the written value of the last note under the slur, depending on the context, the instrument and the acoustics of the building.


3 Pièces pour grand orgue (Franck, César)

The E in the melody of the first bar is tied to the E in the alto, and in all simi- lar places, as it is common. The swell trumpet was particularly famous, having a mysterious golden, yet penetrating quality.

Nouvelles diverses, Revue et Gazette musicale de Paris 10 Nov. Franck himself had large hands and is said to have been able to stretch, presumably with intervening notes, an interval of an eleventh.

Pièce héroïque, M37 (Franck) – from CDA – Hyperion Records – MP3 and Lossless downloads

Charles Tour- nemire plays Heroiaue no. Bars Langlais instructed the present author to play the manual chords de- tached and the pedal legato. The precise degree of detachment de- pends in each case on the context, the instrument and the acoustics of the building.

Performances and Reception Chapter Nine: This is too basic for any organist to ignore. Whatever impression of com- placent pomposity might be derived from the title, nothing could be less complacent than the actual music, from its ominous beginning onward. Langlais was a famous virtuoso organist and a prolific composer for the organ. Wort und Welt, in which he propounded for the first time his double-beat metronome notation theory. Bar 20 So that a legato connection can be made with the quaver D in the following bar, as specified in Franck s autograph and both Durand editions, the present author recommends that the dotted minim E be fingered The basilica is dimly lit which is emphasised by the darkened interior stonework.


This is correctly shown in the Durand first edition but not shown in the Durand second edition. Joby Bell tagged Franck. Click here to sign up.

Maestoso means in a majestic and stately manner. The present author s assessment of these somewhat inscrutable markings is as follows: Cresc in Franck s organ works does not geroique an extended crescen- do but usually meant, on his organ, a moderate increase in volume achieved by pushing the swell lever down one or two slots.

If Franck did play as freely as suggested, the question does arise, however, as to whether playing in that ppiece nowadays constitutes au- thenticity or merely an artificially revived antiquarianism.

The ventil levers have been replaced by foot and thumb pis- tons. The organ herouque is of dark carved wood in neo-gothic style.

There are no dedications. I play the pedal legato.

Measure 45, where we are making the ritard, is a duplicate of m. When tried out Franck s metronome markings in May ascer- tained that my recorded performance has a tempo of a crotchet equals which turned out to be identical with Franck s marking.

Other quasi pedal points are at bars and Remember me on this computer.

Hyperion Records

These, and metronome markings by other organists, are summarised below and discussed elsewhere in this monograph. Bar Franck added herooque in his autograph, apparently in pencil, ap- proximately vertically just before and slightly across bar but this nuance did not find its way into the printed edition. Bar 11 Alan Moffat marked an agogic accent, by means of a tenuto bar, on the third quaver chord in the right hand in the present author s score.