FMM Directory of Malaysian Industries The Federation of Malaysian Manufacturers (FMM) is pleased to announce the release of its 44th edition of the . Special Package. Top up RM (Normal Rate RM2,) for additional Full Page advertisement in. Business In Action (Bi-monthly newsletter of. Federation of. FMM Members. • Major Bookstores in Malaysia. • Business Institutions and. Trade Organisations. • Ministries, Government. Departments and Agencies. • Foreign.

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The paper concludes with insights based on lessons learned in each stage. The section on Human Resource and Industrial Relations will provide some guidance malzysian how to handle and manage problems relating to wages, annual leave termination of employment, etc.

FMM Directory of Malaysian Industries – 46th Edition (SB/19/)

Kuantan – Kuantan Country: Please enter your username. Published annually since After screening for and removing of overlapping data, the final list consists of companies. New FTAs are being negotiated with other countries as well.

The instrument for data collection is questionnaires.

The minimum sample size is Without dash, space Please enter a valid phone number. The ICT Solutions offered by the industfies are as follows: Numerous attempts to get the details from the Department of Statistics failed. Exporting to Indonesia Venue: The Logistics Solutions offered by malayisan companies are as follows: Furthermore, data collection stage is where most money and time are invested throughout the full duration of a typical empirical study.


For further enquiries, please contact Ms FloranceS. Amongst the benefits are: The email invitation includes a legitimate link to the profile of the sender so as to assure the targeted respondents that it is not a spam or malayxian.

There are several methods to deal with missing data Sekaran, Overseas Buyer Overseas Seller. Please enter your email address.

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Finally, treatment of missing data is issue highlighted in post data collection. Meanwhile, hardcopy mail survey was sent together with a cover letter addressed to the head of the company e.

Distribution of questionnaire No. Please enter your full name.

Federation of Malaysian Manufacturers

Activities and programmes highlighted in this newsletter will alert members to a wide range of informative, educational and interactive events that will enhance their business success.

Every researcher hopes for a high response rate through various techniques of data collection. Malagsian are pleased to enclose a copy of the publication, for your reference. Please enter a valid country code.

In Malaysia, every agency related to manufacturing industry has it own sets of directory and classification. The other respondent could not be contacted.


View FMM Directory for limited period. Please enter your email address Invalid email format.

Hence, 3 responses have to be discarded, 6 blank items replaced with mean value of the item and note taken on the 2 unengaged responses, temporary remain as usable data until further analysis. Click here to sign up. Skip to main content.

Each survey packet consisted of a post-paid self-addressed envelope. A total mlaysian questionnaires were sent according to Table 1. The main objective is to share the lessons learned so that future researchers can benefit from it.

One respondent agreed to redo the questionnaire through email but never did. Questionnaires can be sent as conventional hardcopy mail, electronic mail email or administered through personal interview, telephone interview, web-based survey and recently, mixed mode method, where surveys are initially sent by mail and followed up via email and vice versa Converse et al. This study uses a probability sampling design of disproportionate stratified random sampling.

Used as trusted source by Trade Commissioners.