abstract = “Purpose – To investigate the impact of the internet in “traditional” market – An opinion piece based on Michael. Fathoming Porter’s five forces model in the internet era. Type: Article; Author(s): G.D. Karagiannopoulos, N. Georgopoulos, K. Nikolopoulos; Date: ; Volume . Abstract, Porter’s Five Forces model is a powerful management tool for analysing the current industry information because of the Internet.

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Also, this Five Forces analysis indicates that Apple must focus its efforts on these two external factors to keep its leadership in the industry. Undoubtedly, the oil sector has helped Saudi Arabia gain and maintain its competitiveness. Saudi Arabia’s proven oil reserves are estimated at some billion barrels, with enough reserves to ensure that it will remain a major supplier of oil for at least years.

Intrinsic economic factors affecting Saudi industrial productivity include unlimited natural resources e.

The paper analyzes the competitive advantages of Saudi Arabia with Porter’s model. The size of the Saudi teh is also attractive to investors since it is the largest market for goods and services in the Arab world.

Fathoming Porter’s five forces model in the internet era

Click here to sign up. This condition makes individual suppliers weak in imposing their demands on firms like Apple. Saudi industrial uniqueness also arises from the plethora of medium- to large-sized companies which make up the backbone of export prowess of Saudi Arabia.


Indeed, we could argue itnernet oil has been both a blessing and a curse for Saudi Arabia. Itnernet first part of this section discusses Saudi Arabia and its industries in light portter their competitive advantages in itnernet macro-environment. Although Saudi Arabia has greatly reduced its dependency on oil in the past two decades, there is still a long way to go.


Trade unions are illegal in Saudi Arabia, and there is no minimum wage. Furthermore, Saudi Arabia has recognised the lack of stability within the Middle East and has invested very heavily in sophisticated military technology. In the past 25 years, the kingdom allocated approximately 1. Porter’s work did not seek to deny the benefits of free trade but to identify Downloaded by University of Dubai At A weakness also exists in certain technological areas like electronics and computing, which exposed these industries to foreign competition.

This condition makes customers weak at the individual level. There is no labour unrest in the kingdom. An executive summary for managers and executive Analyzing the competitive readers can be found at the end of this article advantages of Saudi Arabia with Porter’s model Sajjad M.

Fathoming Porter’s five forces model in the internet era – Research Portal | Lancaster University

Over the past two decades there has been enormous growth in the number of industrial plants operating in the kingdom. More and more companies plrter go for mergers so as to reduce the threat from the giant transnational corporations. Nations must optimize the use of their resources in Downloaded by University of Dubai At Lagging industries Shortcomings in Saudi business attitudes and capabilities have also resulted in the lagging of industries such as steel forcss consumer electronics.

Moreover, it has access to markets in other Gulf Cooperation Council GCC and Arab countries through its participation in free-trade zones. The kingdom has yet to succeed in the fast-approaching global economic integration. Another advantage of Saudi Arabia lies in the distinct labor-management relations.


Many customers would rather use Apple products because of their advanced features. A strong banking sector Saudi Arabia’s banking fsthoming is strong and is not susceptible to negative influences from the world financial crisis. Jasimuddin, in talking about Saudi Arabia, argues that the socio-economic environment of the kingdom is a vital element in driving development.

Evaluating the security controls of CAIS in developing countries.

Porterr of the competitive situation of Saudi Arabia Porter’s model can be used as a conceptual framework for developing strategies for Saudi Arabia. However, under the leadership of Steve Jobs, the company has succeeded to become an industry leader.

Fathoming Porter’s five forces model in the internet era

The evolution of Saudi assets, both human and capital resources, provided the pathway to preeminence in the engineering, chemical production, machinery, and banking industries. Next Post Next Apple Inc. As a result, public policy can focus on creating the environment for trade success and put an end to trying force second-guess business performance. The most favorable condition occurs when a nation uses foeces factors to take advantage of opportunities outside that nation.

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The long-term fjve of the Saudi government’s industrial policy must be to diversify the kingdom’s economic base and to reduce its dependence on the export of crude oil.