The FAA prefers users to file ICAO format flight plans for all flights. Use FAA Form – Information needed when filing this form is. Please note that some of the Adobe PDF forms are not fillable, while others can only Flight Plan; Pre-Flight Pilot Checklist and. this form will be included in a Privacy Act System of Records known as DOT/FAA , titled “Aviation Records on Individuals” and will FAA Form (7/15).

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ICAO Format Flight Plans

If the transition is made faz an unnamed intersection, show the next succeeding NAVAID or named intersection on the intended route and the complete route from that point. The onboard navigation database must be current and appropriate for the region of intended operation and fkrm include the navigation aids, waypoints, and coded terminal airspace procedures for the departure, arrival and alternate airfields.

Pilots should remember that there is a need to continuously guard the VHF emergency frequency Automatic Weather Observing System. Enter total number of persons on board POB including crew. Obtain a complete daa and weather briefing. If the requested clearance is not received prior to reaching the clearance limit fix, the pilot will be expected to enter into a standard holding pattern on the radial or course to the fix unless a holding pattern for the clearance limit fix is depicted on a U.

NOTAM information is that aeronautical information that could affect a pilot’s decision to make a flight. NOTE- Use of identifier codes will expedite the processing of your taa plan.

Enter your complete aircraft identification including the prefix “N” if applicable. On pilot’s request, at a location having an active tower, the aircraft identification will be forwarded by the tower to the FSS for reporting the actual departure time. Enter only those remarks pertinent to ATC or to the clarification of other flight plan information, such as the appropriate radiotelephony call sign associated with the designator filed in Block 2.


This will ensure more efficient flight plan service and permit the FSS to advise you of significant changes in aeronautical fotm or meteorological conditions.


Presidio Lely Intl Airport. NOTE- This method of filing an airway junction may result in a processing ambiguity. Don’t 72333-4 until it’s too late.

The information transmitted to the destination FSS will consist only of flight plan blocks 2, 3, 9, and It is vitally important that the route of flight be accurately and completely described in the flight plan. Filers desiring assignment of these procedures should file using FAA Formas described in this section.

All new notices entered, excluding FDC NOTAMs, will be published only if the information is expected to remain in effect for at least 7 days after the effective date of the publication. Enter the destination airport identifier code, or if unknown, the airport name. Under some circumstances, ATC computer tapes can be useful in constructing the radar history of a downed or crashed aircraft. Pilots planning IFR flights to airports located in mountainous terrain are cautioned to consider the necessity for an alternate airport even when the forecast weather conditions would technically relieve them from the requirement to file one.

Back to Top of this Page. Some suggested practices include: Tactical Air Navigational Aid. You can file a VFR flight plan several ways: Navigation is the pilot’s responsibility unless ATC assistance is requested.

Flight Plans: Don’t Leave Home Without One — Jeppesen

File route description waypoints by using degree- distance fixes based on navigational aids which are appropriate for the altitude stratum. Once published, the information is not provided during pilot weather briefings unless specifically requested by the pilot.


To ensure that a flight plan remains active, pilots whose actual departure time will be delayed 1 hour or more beyond their filed departure time, are requested to notify ATC of their departure time. When customs notification is required on flights to Canada and Mexico and a predeparture flight plan cannot be filed or an advise customs message ADCUS cannot be included in a predeparture flight plan, call the nearest en route domestic or International FSS as soon as radio communication can be established and file a VFR or DVFR flight plan, as required, and include as the last item the advise customs information.

Flight Plans: Don’t Leave Home Without One

The station with which such a flight plan is filed will forward it to the appropriate FSS who will notify the customs office responsible for the destination airport. Personnel and Equipment Working.

They do not read weather reports and forecasts verbatim unless specifically requested by the pilot. Insert name of pilot-in-command. Heavy aircraft, add prefix “H” to aircraft type; example: Common Traffic Advisory Frequency.

Las Cruces Intl Airport. This process includes confirmation of the waypoints sequence, reasonableness of track angles and distances, any altitude or speed constraints, and identification of fly-by or fly-over waypoints. These aids are depicted on enroute low altitude charts.

Notices will be accepted up to 23 hours in advance.