Euchner MGB PLe GL. The MGB (Multifunctional Gate Box) is an interlocking or guard locking system suitable for environments with extremely tough safety. Download free 3D files & 2D drawings – MGB-AR/AP. The MGB (Multifunctional Gate Box) is a unique interlocking or guard locking system for the protection of safety doors on machines and systems. The MGB offers.

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We are using cookies I get it Ruchner more. And with its modular design, an MGB control module can be added to function as a small operator panel.

Four LEDs indicate information about the lock status. In combination with the optional euchndr release, it is therefore possible to protect almost any safety door. The recently updated version is equipped with changeable color lenses for pushbuttons, allowing the customer to use their desired colors.

RFID transponder technology Integrated lockout mechanism Auxiliary Release on front Up to 4 monitoring outputs available Optional escape release with door handle Optional buttons and indicators can be integrated directly into the housing Actuating direction is easily changed without disassembly Non-locking, Mechanical locking and Electrical locking versions available New changeable pushbutton color versions available Connection through threaded openings, RC18 or M12 pin plugs.

Under the hood sits a mechanical unlocking system which makes it possible to open the lock on power failure. Or call us directly! Test Pulse Interval – ms min. MGB L0 is a non-locking unit euchnr can be opened at any time. Performance Level e is retained. Do you want to get in touch with a specific person?


The lock has an intelligent plunge whose position is detected by an RFID transponder which has a unique code. Euchner MGB eucchner a mechanical door stop in the metal, and markings for easy adjustment of the handle module.

Multifunctional Gate Box MGB

Fill in the form to be contacted by a sales representative Do you want to get in touch with a specific person? The handle is made from strong and easy-grip metal, and can be rotated in 90 euchnerr increments to suit the installation.

For this purpose 5 different color covers are included as euchneer with every MGB delivered. MGB L1 is mechanically locked and electrically unlocked. Typical MGB outline drawing: When activated, the door opens immediately and the machine is turned off. This contact permits even more precise diagnostics in the control system, in particular if several MGBs are connected in series. It is more than a safety switch, more than a bolt, echner offers a lot more functionality.

Should the space on the standard MGB be insufficient, gmb number of functions can be expanded via an additional control panel. With immediate effect the color covers for the pushbuttons on all MGBs from Euchner can be individually adapted and changed. I have taken note of Axelent’s data protection policy, which you can read here. Simply put in place and click into position, that is it, the color of the pushbutton has been adapted, and that with degree of protection IP Safety outputs are turned off immediately if the MGB is opened.

Furthermore, it is possible to integrate customer-specific functions ejchner the MGB, e. It is now also possible to attach symbols to the pushbuttons.

During service execution inside the hazardous area a bolt tongue can be folded out, which prevents the door to be locked. The MGB will work on both hinged and sliding doors. Choose model B B Wrong username or password. Separate labels euchnrr different languages are therefore unnecessary. Now even more flexible — straightforward color cover adaptation on the safety system MGB. This flexibility enables the customer to realize a very wide range of installation concepts with the same MGB.


Safety outputs turn off as soon as the MGB is unlocked. MGB L2 is electrically locked and ejchner unlocked or solenoid power can be removed.

If the function of the buttons should change, this change can be depicted straightforwardly with color. The emergency release handle on the inside helps staff accidentally left in the danger zone. wuchner

With a safety control system, the short circuit monitoring on the safety control system must be disabled as this function is performed by the MGB. Monitoring Outputs – 50mA max. The MGB Multifunctional Gate Box is a unique interlock- and guard locking system for the protection of safety doors on machines and systems. I agree that Axelent will process my personal information to contact suchner.

The MGB safety system can be connected to almost any safety relay or to any safety control system.

Euchner MGB PLe GL

The MGB is a multifunctional safety system for the protection of safety doors on machines and installations. In addition, emergency stop devices on MGB versions with cable entries will in future be equipped with an additional auxiliary contact. No separate tools are required for installation.