TEORÍA DE ERICK ERICKSON TEORÍA PSICOSOCIAL “YO” Intensiva Positiva Vital Profundiza las etapas de desarrollo psicosexual de Freud. Erik Erikson: Teoría Psicosocial Instituto Universitario Pedagógico Monseñor Arias Noviembre, Erik Erikson Las 8 etapas. Erik Homburger Erikson was a German-American developmental psychologist and psychoanalyst known for his theory on psychological development of human .

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Theory on psychological development. Views Read Edit View history.

Psychoanalysis Adlerian therapy Analytical therapy Mentalization-based treatment Transference focused psychotherapy. Inhe left Yale to study the Sioux tribe in South Dakota on their reservation.

Child Psychiatry and Human Development. Couples therapy Family therapy Psychodrama Sensitivity training.

Erikson’s research suggests that each individual must learn how to hold both extremes of each specific life-stage challenge in tension with one another, not rejecting one end of the tension or eikson other. Review of General Psychology. In she married Erik’s Jewish pediatricianTheodor Homburger.

Características de la TEORÍA DE ERICK ERICKSON by nicoll aguilar on Prezi

Inwith Adolf Hitler’s rise to power in Germany, the burning of Freud’s books in Berlin and the potential Nazi threat to Austria, the family left an impoverished Vienna with their two young erukson and emigrated to Copenhagen. The Journal of Nursing Care. Inafter publishing the book, Childhood and Societyfor which he is best known, Erikson left the University of California when California’s Levering Teoriaa required professors there to sign loyalty oaths.


Erikson’s lecture was titled Dimensions of a New Identity. Erikson Bloland, Sue New Insights from the Unpublished Papers. As an older adult, he wrote about his adolescent “identity confusion” in his European days.

Erik Erikson

At Das Humanistische Gymnasium his main interests were art, history and languages, but he lacked a general interest in school and graduated without academic distinction. Bulletin of the Menninger Clinic. Eriksn Serson Erikson m.

Eriksonis a noted American sociologist. In he received his diploma from the Vienna Psychoanalytic Institute. Eriison Life, Work, and Psicosocizl. Explorer of Identity and the Life Cycle. Find out more on Wikipedia’s Sister projects. Erikson is also credited with being one of the originators of ego psychologywhich stressed the role of the ego as being more than a servant of the id. From Luther to Gandhi”. Retrieved 30 August Wikimedia Commons has media related to Erik Erikson.

Hoare, Carol Hren Retrieved from ” https: According to Erikson, the environment in which a child lived was crucial to providing growth, adjustment, a source of self-awareness and identity.


Erikson as a Teacher”. Complete list — — — When Erikson was twenty-five, his friend Peter Blos invited him to Vienna to tutor art [8] at the small Burlingham-Rosenfeld School for children whose affluent parents were undergoing psychoanalysis by Sigmund Freud ‘s daughter, Anna Freud. For children from prominent German families taking a “wandering year” was not uncommon. History Philosophy Portal Psychologist.

Psychodynamic Psychoanalysis Adlerian therapy Analytical therapy Mentalization-based treatment Transference focused psychotherapy. Uncertain about his vocation and his fit in society, Erikson began a lengthy period of roaming about Germany and Italy as a wandering artist with his childhood friend Peter Blos and others.

Upper Saddle River, New Jersey: Eventually, Erik realized he would never become a full-time artist and returned to Karlsruhe and became an art teacher.