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So it is not a voltage adder at all. I have detached the air funnel so the air is coming from inside the engine compartment. However, it will take years before we have a complete and simplified road map data base of all vehicles WITH their specific solution. I’ve given a specific spec for the timer.

So get these parts from a larger outfit that has them in the automotive specifications ranges, such as DigiKeyAllied ElectronicsNewark or Mouser. In the dd17 mode I can dial down up my MPG – using the knob.

There is another variety of wide band sensor that uses 4 wires, that rfie must be aware of. The bulk of the change will occur after the first minute, but if you have a sensitive meter, you will see it minutely increase for up to 10 minutes.

However, there has been increasing demand for just the circuit itself, that can then be used in a combined electronics package, either created by the end user, or by another fuel saver manufacturer. If you have a distributor, the solution is simple.


I assume that mV is a good setting for my car. C3 in the manual is a large electrolytic capacitor. This makes cutting into it and hooking up the EFIE much easier.

So, now that we have spent time and money to install a fuel efficiency device or two, and we are getting a more efficient fuel burn, what does the vehicle’s efke do? Search Member List Calendar Help.

HHO Generator Plans & Schematics

Also, when you turn the vehicle off, the EFIE loses its voltage offset slowly. There are 2 types of Efi sensors on the market. If you go too far the idiot light comes on and we have to reset codes. The one wide band that I modified used the blue wire for the signal.

When these proportions are being supplied to the engine, a certain amount of oxygen will be detected in the exhaust by the O2 sensor, and this information is fed d117 the vehicle’s computer. This will affect all sensors using the same 5 volt signal and will deliver disastrous results.

The MAP sensor is located on the d177 manifold itself, just before the engine block, or mounted separately on the back of the firewall and connected with a thin vacuum tubing to the engine block. Find the range adjustment potentiometer on your EFIE’s circuit board: But it would slowly drain your battery.

Ah, I stand corrected Any more advance than that will increase the possibility of detonation, and will fight the piston on the compression stroke. To me it seems it will allow the end user too much leaning ability Eight cylinder engines tend to have 2 sensors, one on each exhaust manifold, but often have only one.



You can then bump it up some, but I bet you’ll end up around or mv or so. I’ve found this timer to be dfie superior chip to others in the same family, and I recommend you use it. When the sensor reads below.

I have to add about mV before the engine starts stuttering.

It should be the same colors, but test it with an ohm meter to be sure. This can help you identify the sensor once you see it in the engine.

How do you know if you have an AFR sensor or narrow band oxygen sensor? Regardless, all of these sfie sensors must be treated. However, if the input voltage is 12 volts for instancethe output voltage to your EFIE is going to be 10 volts due to the minimum 2 volt drop in voltage by the regulator. I can use the feedback to improve the guides here, etie well as answer questions others may have as well.

If it is, proceed. I found out that D17 does not work as described in the Internet plans. The lower the voltage, the leaner the AFR. The MAP Sensor is part of the car, while the enhancer is just that, an enhancer that we add to the car in order to fine-tuning the MAP signal. As for altering the MAF, resistance in the tan wire with the blue tracer has worked well for me.