The Ecophon Sombra™ family offers 2 different edges in 2 different sizes. The Sombra family is available in black colour only, perfect for cinemas, night clubs. Sombra™ A. EPDs for Ecophon products. Find links to all evironmental product declarations (EPDs) for the different Ecophon products and systems. The system consists of Ecophon Sombra A tiles and Ecophon. Connect grid systems, with an approximate weight of 3 kg/m² (4 kg/m² with.

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Focus Ds Concealed grid. Master Ds Concealed grid. Akusto One SQ Panel for wall applications, shaped as a square, rectangle and circle. For humid environments in showers etc.

Acoustic solutions Find the best acoustic solutions for different types of indoor environments. Combison Sound insulation and absorption in one. For dry environments in laboratories. Each tile is easily demountable.

Solo Experiencing freedom of expression. For dry environments in the pharmaceutical and electronic industries. Gedina DA for Bandraster Panels for bandraster with concealed grid.

Saint-Gobain ECOPHON

Master Taking care of demanding conditions. Akusto overview Akusto Wall A Visible profiles. Access Carefree accessibility for everyone. Set size px Thumbnail Min: Focus Frieze Creating a smooth transition between ceiling and wall. All BIM objects are real products from real manufacturers confirmed and approved. Akusto overview Akusto Wall A Visible profiles. Master SQ For direct fixing with glue.


Access Carefree accessibility for everyone. Access overview Access A Panels with visible frame covering edges and corners. Additional areas overview Industry Kitchen areas Leisure. Master Ds Concealed grid. Colours and surfaces Learn more about the different types of surfaces and colour offerings for our products. Healthcare facts Impact of noise in healthcare – a research summary Additional areas Industry The beverage industry The food industry The electronics industry The pharmaceutical industry Kitchen areas Leisure Cinema Key principles for designing a cinema Acoustic solutions for TABS Acoustic knowledge bank Basic acoustics All about Sound Sound — where does it come from?

Ecophon Sombra™ – DesignCurial

Sombra Black Ceiling solutions. Hygiene Ensuring the required level of purity and cleanliness.

The grid is manufactured from galvanized steel. Focus Fixiform Ds Tiles delivered flat and folded to 90 degrees level change on site. Hygiene Clinic A Visible grid.

Panel width mm. Acoustic solutions Find the best acoustic solutions for different types of indoor environments. The visible surface is a matt black batch painted glass tissue and the back of the tile is covered with glass tissue.


Gedina Presenting a true and established classic. Modern slavery act Sombra Ceiling solutions in boldest black. Solo Experiencing freedom of expression.

Demountable tiles Master Rigid Dp Semi-concealed grid system. Advantage E Recessed visible grid.

University of Alcobendas

The Qr code includes the static URL below and will bring you back to this page if scanned by a device like iPhone or smartphone. Ecophon Lighting overview Square 43 A fully integrated luminaire with light opening shaped as a square.

Ecophon has business units in 14 countries, delegations in another 30 countries worldwide, and approximately employees.

Master F For direct fixing with screws. Focus Edge Slight vertical sloped moulding for free hanging units.

Solo overview Solo Baffle Wall. Hygiene Foodtec A Visible grid.