As EconoBead filters are pressure vessels, the pump sits before the filter, . WATER SAVING DRAIN: The EconoBead filters EB40/50/60 come standard with a. UltraBead-EconoBead Pond Filtration, Absolute Koi, Koi Supplies – Koi dealer – Koi Ponds – Koi Pond 60 x 85 cm, ltr – Gallons, 14m³/h – gph. The EconoBead Beadfilters have a strong quality polypropylene vessel and are equipped as Econobead Performance Table Econobead Bead Filter EB

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These solids tend to reduce the clarity of water and cause problems in consuming tremendous amounts of oxygen, also needed by our beloved fish.

Ideally swimming pool pumps like the Whisperflo are very suitable. Other filtration systems accomplish these goals, but are much larger and more difficult to clean.

How do you size a beadfilter? This will purge the large solids that have made it into the EconoBead filter and settled out in the bottom of the tank to waste.

Both mechanical filtration and biological filtration take place in a bead filter. So including fittings, pipes and check valve. Features Of The EconoBead This product is no longer in stock Availability date: So an internet search should econohead results for one in your surrounding. Customers say about us. Move multiport valve to rinse feature.


It is possible to use a bypass option which allows to pump the water directly into the filter, without going through the multi-way valve: The filter system consists of:. Aqua Sieve Midi inc Lid. The filter system consists of: More info Add to Cart.

Econobead Beadfilter

Bead filters are closed pressure vessels filled with thousands of plastic beads. Washing consists in circulating the water in the filter but in the opposite direction backwashing and by stirring the beads. A purge valve B allows the filter to be drained. Bead filters have been tested at various universities econobeax the country, including Louisiana State University and Langston University in Oklahoma.

Mechanical filtration or clarification is the process of removing suspended solids from water.

Econobeae Bio Shower Filter. The other big advantage the bead filters have over other types of filters is that they are much easier to clean.

Econobead Beadfilter available online. – Nikoi

Most compact pond filter on the market. Advantages Excellent price-quality ratio High-quality PE housing 5 models for ponds that are approx. In filter mode, water enters the filter through the bottom screen Arises in the filter, and passes through the floating bead mat. You must econkbead JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. The two most common types of bacteria are, Nitrosomonas which is responsible for the break down econobad ammonia in the system.


Econo Bead 60 Filter system

A bead filter can easily be operated manually using the six-way valve. Advantages Bypasses the six-way valve during filtration Less pressure loss as the water enters and leaves the filter directly in a straight line Makes the use of energy-efficient pumps possible Easy to fit on all EconoBead filters. A multi-way valve allows washing, rinsing, filtration, recirculation, etc.

This is because useful bacteria stick to the beads and break down harmful substances such as ammonium, nitrite and nitrate. Available, 5 models of different sizes.

The surface needed to install this filter is reduced: The water comes out of the filter from the top via the strainer C which holds the beads. Move multiport valve to backwash mode.