Gespräche mit Goethe [Johann Peter Eckermann] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Ich durchblätterte mit Goethe einige Hefte Zeichnungen meines Freundes Johann Peter Eckerman: Gespräche mit Goethe in den letzten Jahren seines. Conversations Of Goethe has ratings and 23 reviews. Khush said: It is a delightful book. I cannot help giving this book full five stars (This feels w.

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He informed Eckermann that he had already sent to the town to arrange housing and effects for him, effectively taking charge of his life! In he was given the title of grand-ducal councillor and appointed librarian to the grand-duchess.

Let mental culture go on advancing, let the natural sciences go on gaining in depth and breadth, and the human mind expand as it may, it will never go beyond the elevation and moral culture of Christianity glethe it glistens and shines forth in the gospel! Johann Peter never complained, but instead relished being part of Goethe’s life, and assisting him. To begin, after 79 pages, I held a conference with myself and elected not to finish Conversations of Goethe.

Gnomanix rated it it was amazing Jun 29, Eckermann’s Conversations allows Goethe to engage the reader in gkethe voice as distinct and authentic as it is entrancing, along with the not inconsiderable insights, observations and reflections gesprchs the biographer himself.

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Moreover, I was not enjoying the book, and the small font used by the publisher added to the struggle to look forward to the next page. Goethe said, “The Roman history does not suit our present turn of mind. The book had a lot of personal meaning for me; he was someone who I truly admire and hope to emulate in the remainder of my life. Sep 19, Maggie Yamartino rated it it was ok.

Also there are lots of contradictions here in Goethe’s thinking, which he is aware of but doesn’t seem to mind terribly: It’s like reality TV from I told him that I proposed reading with Mr. Having such a direct insight into someone so brilliant and incredible is a treat Boswell’s “Life of Johnson” is not quite at the same levelhow rare it is that we get to sit at the table of the Muses, and hear what they have to say and think.


In he was given the title of grand-ducal councillor and appointed librarian to the grand-duchess. Hanover, former state of northwestern Germany, first an electorate — of the Holy Roman Empire, then a kingdom —66and finally a Prussian province — Books by Johann Peter Eckermann.

He died at Weimar on 3 December I rarely see references to it; selling one’s soul to the devil in exchange for pleasure isn’t of much concern to a culture that tends to confound pleasure with nearness to God.

Having written his first unpublished book on poetry, including Goethe’s contributions to German poetics, he send the manuscript to Goethe seeking assistance in its publication. In the same passage he records Goethe’s remark that “the daemons, to tease and make sport with men, have placed among them single figures so alluring that everyone strives after them, and so great that nobody reaches them”; Goethe names Raphael, Mozart, Shakespeare, and Napoleon as examples.

Mehmet Bozkurt rated it it was amazing Jun 24, In addition, the style of this compilation is quite charming to read with its nineteenth-century expressions, which helps to bring the reader back to Goethe’s era, even the font-style is reproduced exactly as seen in the edition.

Now imagine that the vast and fertile expanse of those conversations have been meticulously recorded and condensed into a book and Conversations of Goethe is what you would have. This page was last edited on 10 Januaryat He simply took pleasure in his sense of “the divine” in nature and rejoiced in others’ ability to do so too.

It was for Eckermann a reckless last chance.

Conversations Of Goethe by Johann Peter Eckermann

You might want to read some Schiller as well, “Robbers” in particular. To ask other readers questions about Conversations Of Goetheplease sign up. Thank you for gesprchs feedback. Goethe commented that the Church erred in closing the canon of scripture, as God’s creative work still continues, notably in the activity of great spirits like Mozart, Raphael, and Shakespeare, “who can draw their lesser contemporaries higher,” an observation perhaps applicable to other self-enclosed fundamentalist sources such as the Koran, Torah and Sutras.

Ec It is a delightful book. Naarmate de ecermann vordert, en de gesprekspartners meer op elkaar ingespeeld raken, bekruipt je het gevoel dat er ergens tussen de regels door een gespeche waarheid doorgegeven wordt; cekermann de gesprekken een bepaald einddoel hebben, maar je slaagt er nooit in er precies de vinger op te leggen.


Here are Goethe’s thoughts on Byron, Carlyle, Delacroix, Hegel, Shakespeare, and Voltaire, as well as his views on art, architecture, astronomy, the Bible, Chinese literature, criticism, dreams, eckremann, freedom, genius, imagination, immortality, love, mind over body, sculpture, and much, much more. For instance, it is interesting to note that Goethe was a huge admirer of Winkelmann, and very often in the book, he speaks very highly of Lord Byron. Conversations with Goethe is worth the occasional minor eye-glaze caused by many references to people most of us won’t have heard of.

Mulder rated it liked it Nov 21, But while Waldorf schools seem to do a great job of helping kids turn into good human beings, one can’t say they’re a major cultural force.

Charles Dickens, English novelist, generally considered the greatest of the Victorian era. Mar 19, Howard Franklin rated it liked it. Both works are hailed as not only invaluable accounts of their respective great men of letters, but have come to be valued as great masterpieces of literary biography and independent literary works in their own right. I loved listening to gessprche talks.

Soon afterwards he went to Weimarwhere he supported himself as a private tutor.

National literature is now a rather unmeaning term; the epoch of world literature is at hand, and everyone must strive to hasten its approach.

Goethe was immensely impressed with Byron, and he discusses Byron’s successes and failures over and over again, the most discussed artist here.

It is an intimate experience that brings such a lofty figure as Goethe down to earth and allows you to gseprche him as if he were sitti imagine conversations, that span a nine year period of time, between a bright young man and one of the greatest minds in the history of Western civilization nearing the end of his life. Notulist Eckermann vouwt bijkans dubbel van bewondering, terwijl hij vrijwel constant de grote meester bevestigd in zijn mening. View all 6 comments.

They would spend a lot of time together hunting. Johann Wolfgang von Goethe.