likes. – Student Effort is Required. DynaNotes streamlined science TEKS student course notes for grade 5, grade 8, and biology ?. Student Progress Inspires It. DynaNotes tools are designed DynaNotes streamlined science TEKS student course notes for grade 5, grade 8, and biology ?. PDF & Print Permissions, Grade 8 Science Streamlined SCNs $ Biology EOC Streamlined SCNs Booklet $ PDF & Print Permissions, Biology EOC.

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Further, content submitters accept complete liability for their submission, fully attesting that there is no illegal content and that they alone are responsible for any claims to the contrary. You can delete users if in multi-user mode or delete the app from the machine and reinstall it. Be sure you have updated to the latest version of DynaNotes Plus.

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Free at-home student guides for flipping select lessons can be found at left. Fully close the app and reopen it. Please share your story or activity with us so that others may benefit from your know-how! Life Cycles and Metamorphosis: Yes, a password-protected, narrated teacher training presentation in six parts is available for customers below.

Student Course Notes

Give your students the same advantage so many other schools have: History “The Great Depression” section’s link to an educational third party website Total app usage data is captured by DynaNotes Plus. We’re sorry for any inconvenience. If the subject is within the scope of your site’s license, then the site’s devices will gain access. Submitter agrees to indemnify and hold harmless DynaStudy if current or future DynaNotes products include any content similar in nature, format, verbage, or otherwise to submitted content.


Please be sure to describe the guide and section in addition to the web address. Submitted content will be removed from this website within 30 days. How do site licenses work?

This customer is saving a bundle with our new offering compared to what she was going to buy of our legacy materials, so she’s happy, biolpgy If desired, unlock multi-user functionality for shared devicesso that students can password-protect their personal notes.

Updates, such as enhanced app features, will be delivered for free through the Apple App Store or through notification within the app on your Android device or Windows device using Android emulator software.

It will immediately be unavailable via web-based access. Thank you for your understanding.

Due to severe flooding in the Texas hill country, DynaStudy is closed today. Grade 8 Social Studies, “Election of Jackson” section, with photo of computer screen showing image of an Andrew Jackson campaign poster found online.

Student Course Notes

The immediate thing you can do is email the link to your students so that they can copy and paste it into a text note for that section if they have note-taking functionality via the app on iPads or Android devices. History “The Great Depression” section’s link to an educational third party website.


Simple explanations that answer the questions, “What is it? Is usage data available? User Admin screen biklogy all users and allows the administrator to view and change passwords, see total time spent in the app by each user, and delete users. Yes, aggregate usage data is available from DynaStudy by email request to appreporting dynanotes. The good news is that all app users and notes will remain intact when access is restored.

Can I buy just one subject or grade level? Where is the hair-pulling-out emoji? DynaNotes Grade 5 Science, “Physical Properties” section, with teacher’s exemplar and student’s “real world” image example.

It will immediately be available via web-based access. DynaNotes updated their cover photo. Customers can now enjoy the benefit of viewing training presentations at their own pace. Biology is knocking some socks off. Permission to use these resources is hereby granted to teachers for classroom use only. All submitters agree to indemnify and hold harmless DynaStudy in issues related to content or content submission.

DynaNotes December 10 at 7: The content may be suitable, but permissions issues may exist, for example. See more of DynaNotes on Facebook.