release driver numbers or personal details via email replies. The D2 application form only relates to driving lorries, buses and minibuses. Find out about DVLA’s. Send your driving licence to us at DVLA, Swansea,. SA99 1BN. If your name has changed you will need to fill in forms D1 or D2, see note under section ‘Your. Hello again is there anyone familier with filling in the D2 form to obtain a upgraded licence to ton from the standard ton, I am over

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After all, what seems logical at first sight is no guide to what government ends up authorising! Hi Do dvl have to have an eye test and medical every 3 years foe C1 licence when you pass Now a VW Nexa. Driving lessons and practice. I do not know if a lapse in holding a Cat.

Skip to main content. I think he’d be wise to take advice on the practical and cost implications of tying himself to that route, and also to ask his doctor for a health check, before committing himself to a vehicle of more than 3,kg MAM.

You should get your driving licence within 3 weeks of DVLA getting your application. You can start driving as soon as you pass your driving test.

Order DVLA forms

It will take only 2 minutes to fill in. In which case, having a 3, kg motorhome that he suddenly can’t drive, may be problematic. But the difference is really whether or not you have ‘grandfather’ rights. Those who do need only to renew at 70 and for 3 years at a time whereas those who don’t need to renew at 45, 50, 55 and 60 and then annually c2 Was told via email that I only needed the medical with no need for a driving test.

I would add do it by email and save the response just in case. Where should I send my application? My new next-door neighbour married and moved to South Africa, circa mids.


DVLA FORM D2? | Motorhome Matters | Motorhomes Forum

For information on what ID to send please see the advice here. If successful, I think he will find that the medical requirements are more rigorous than those to retain grandfather rights, and may involve medicals at two, and not three, year intervals. My GP was always able to fill in the forms for me at the normal cost, but I have had some fairly serious heart problems in the past which have to be reported on the forms, and every time I was subsequently required to undergo further testsI think it was called a Bruce Test, to prove that my heart was still OK, and this involved a simulation on a treadmill to walk briskly uphill for 15 minutes under the supervision of a doctor, and my heart was monitered on the machines.

I think what he now wishes to do is to regain his grandfather rights.

Order DVLA forms –

Those who do need only to renew at 70 and for 3 years at a time. Please let us all knowthe outcomeas this will be of interest to many coming up to 70 as well. Her UK licence entitlement had expired many years previously, and at that time, a South African licence could not be exchanged for a UK licence. Application for a driving licence for a lorry, minibus or bus you need to download and print a D4 form.

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Part of Learn to drive a car: I am presently changing vehicle, and suspect that I may need to increase the MAM of the replacement to 3,kg. As has been said upthread, the official websites are ambiguous to say the least about renewing a C1. And do not forget if your car insurance policy is still effective. You need a provisional driving licence to take lessons or practice. You must have an insurance policy that allows you to drive without supervision.

Those who don’t need dva renew as shown above. When I reached 75 I realised that I was unlikely to be able to complete the test so I retired.


Application for first vehicle tax and registration of a used motor vehicle. On reaching 70 in I decided to retain my for, rights” to drive vehicles exceeding 3. The DVLA has confirmed that the normal renewal procedure D2 and D4 forms would apply irrespective of the length of time I had not held the C1 entitlement. Skip to main content.

I think much of the confusion is that the official websites mention only lorry and bus drivers under C1 and that leads to us to think that there are different requirements for motorhomes.

For, do this every year for my D licence. Before you start You can order the following forms to be posted to a UK address.

Or if holding a Cat. Order application packs and forms from DVLA. The category of provisional licence you need depends on the type of vehicle you want to drive. Application for first vehicle tax and registration of a new motor vehicle. You will be entitled to these Categories under the grandfather provsions if you got your full licence before so you shouldn’t need to take a driving test. Thanks for the advice, fesspark.

UK uses cookies to make the site simpler. You can download some of them. Applying for a provisional lorry or bus licence The category of provisional licence you need depends on the type of vehicle you want to drive. Licence renewals over age are FOC, and your photo-card only needs to be renewed once That may have changed with the demise of the paper licence.

Edited by StuartO 4: I shall be photocopying my driving licence before sending off, as a precaution. You can renew at any age after 70, the medical takes about 15 minutes.